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I do not believe that any Model 94's came fron the factory with "rear peep sight". Which means that that the gun has been modified and this does detract from its collectors value (although it does make it a better shooter in my opinion). The firearm pricing guide I'm looking at gives a value of $415 for an unmodified 95% gun AT RETAIL. I believe that this figure is somewhat low, at least where I live in the Calif. central valley. I find it hard to believe that any gunshop in my area would ask any less than $500/$550 for the gun, this would give them some bargaining room. The firearm was made in 1953.

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What is the value of a Winchester model 88 manufactured in 1961 in 358 caliber?

The Winchester model 88 manufactured in 1961, 358 caliber is worth $3,900 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is worth $999.

What is the value of a 1904 Colt 45 caliber revolver in excellent condition?

The Colt 45 caliber 1904 revolver in excellent condition is valued at $4,500. In good condition, it is valued at $2,200.

What is the worth of an 1894 Winchester 50 cal in excellent condition?

Winchester never chambered the model 1894 rifle in 50 caliber.The largest caliber in the model 1894 rifles history was the 38-55 WCF.

Cost of Winchester model 73 carbine in 1890?

Condition, caliber, etc.

What is the value of Winchester lever action 94AE 45 caliber long colt saddle ring serial 5447267?

In excellent condition, we have seen them selling for $400-$500.

What is the value of a Winchester 30-30 rifle model 336 A?

Your rifle is a Marlin (Winchester 30-30 is caliber). Value will be based on condition, but somewhere between $225-$350 for Good to Excellent. Great little deer rifle.

What is the Value of a 32 caliber Winchester 1866?

The 1866 Winchester lever action appraisal value is dependent on condition and history. An NRA 'Excellent' rating for the Model 1866 can draw upwards of 17,000$ signifying a large range in values for this lever gun.

What is the value of a star sm 380 caliber pistol?

In excellent condition, about $500.

When was the Winchester 770 bolt action 308 caliber made and what is the value in excellent condition?

The Winchester model 770 was made from 1969-1971.The value of these Winchester,s is between 200 dollars for a gun with a finish of 60%,to a high of 375 dollars for a fine specimen with 100% original finish.

What is the value of a 1958 Colt Frontier 22 caliber stainless steel with black plastic grips in excellent condition.?

in excellent condition between 500.00 and 750.00

What is the value of a Springfield 1846 69 caliber musket in excellent condition?

The value of a Springfield 1846 .69 caliber musket in excellent condition varies slightly with the collector's market. This gun could fetch about 4000 dollars at auction.

What is the value of a Winchester thumb trigger 22 caliber rifle in Excellent condition?

j'en ai un mais pour le prix aucune idée il est inscrit fev.14.1905

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1882 carbine serial 827590?

Winchester Model 1882, 32-20 caliber, what is the value good condition

How much is a 1883 22 caliber colt rifle worth?

The 1883 22 caliber colt rifle is valued at $2,275 in excellent condition. I fair condition it is valued at $775.

Winchester 30.03 caliber calvary 1895 value?

go to: bring up Winchester rifles and check condition and price of those listed.......................

What is the value of used browning a bolt 270 caliber in excellent condition?

100-600 or so

What is the value of a Winchester 22 caliber revolver good condition serial 2228631?

Double check the markings. For all intents and purposes, Winchester did/does not make revolvers.

What is the value of a 243 caliber Remington Model 700 excellent condition mote Carlo stock?

It all depends what kind of condition it is in.

What is a Remington model 600 222 caliber worth?

The value of a Remington model 600 .222 caliber depends on the condition of the gun. One in excellent condition is worth approximately $500, as of 2014.

What is the gun value for a Winchester apex fifty caliber muzzle loader in good condition?

100-300 USD

What is the approximate value of a Winchester model 94 in a 32 special caliber in good condition?

50-500 usd

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber US Army Model 1911 serial 1178557 in excellent condition?

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber US Army Model 1911 serial 1178557 in excellent condition? made about 1943 and probably used during WW2

What is the value of a 22 caliber Winchester Fieldmaster Model 121?

Winchester didn't make it, Remington did. Worth 222-350 depending on condition and lust level of buyer

What is the date of manufacture and value of a Model 37 serial 6155 in excellent condition?

Who made it? What caliber/gauge?

What is a 1977 browning bar grade 1 270 worth?

Depending on condition, around $700, plus or minus. Excellent rifle, excellent caliber.