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Chicago Arms Co operated 1883-1897. They manufactured the unusual "Protector Palm Pistols" which are a bit pricey, but their standard revolvers will probably not bring much more than a couple hundred dollars even in excellent condition.

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What is the value of a Chicago Arms 5 shot 38 caliber top break revolver?

10-100 usd

38 caliber break open US revolver SN 3809?

Need a detailed description of all markings.

What is the value of an Empire state arms 32 caliber top break revolver sn 76516?

20-60 USD or so

What is a Harrington Richardson .38 caliber top break revolver nickel in good condition worth?

$100, more or less

What is the value of an 1896 Iver Johnson 22 caliber 7-shot top-break hammer type revolver?

The value of an 1896 Iver Johnson 22 caliber 7 shot revolver is dependent upon a number of factors. The condition of the revolver would need to be taken highly into consideration when determining the value.

Will a 5-shot top break 38 caliber Iver Johnson revolver serial 59189 take 9 mm ammunition?


Who made a six shot 32 caliber break open revolver?

S&W, H&R, M&H to name but a few

Where can you find a parts break down for a 32 caliber us revolver?

These were made by Iver Johnson company. Try searching under Iver Johnson,

How old is a National Arms 32 caliber 5 shot top break revolver serial number 151676?

Turn of the century to the mid-30's or so.

What is the model of a s and w break open revolver serial 425?

Need a detailed description of all markings, caliber, barrel length to even begin to help

What is age of a Smith Wesson DA top break revolver 38 caliber 5 rounds serial number 507486?

Need a detailed description of ALL markings.

What year and model smith and Wesson is serial number 88450?

You will need to provide more info on the handgun in question.Please include the model number if possible,the caliber,and barrel length. Also is this firearm a solid frame revolver or a top break action revolver.

What is a 1877 32 cal break over 5shot pistol worth?

value depends on overall condition. the break open pistol stems from turn of the 1900's, and are not in the real collectible world......................

What is the value of an Empire State Arms top break 5-shot 32 caliber 3.2 barrel hammerless revolver with 142212 on heel of butt?

10-60 usd

What is the age and value of a Smith and Wesson model 1880 5 shot revolver 38 caliber with top break barrel serial number 55995?

S&W can tell you if you call them.

How do you tell the difference between a 32 and a 38 top break revolver?

What years did they make the 38 top break revolver? How can you know how old one is?

What is the age of a 32 caliber Iver Johnson top break 5-shot revolver serial 70783?

President McKinley was shot with the same model gun. The patent dates are 1896 and 1899.

Did Iver Johnson make a 25 caliber hammered revolver?

Yes....I own one and love it. Breach break and double action. It was a cheap gun used for concealed carry as a boot gun or pocket carry.

Where is the serial on a 32 caliber Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works Fitchburg Mass US top-break nickled revolver patented Apr 86 and Aug 96?

the serial number is under the grips

What is the model of a 32 caliber Smith and Wesson top break hammerless revolver serial 80082 with a lot of dates on top?

without the pics it sounds like a new departure first model made from 1888-1902

Can anyone establish the manufacturing date of a USRevolver Company top break 5 shot 32 caliber revolver with 3 barrel and 57979 on trigger guard and 37328 under left grip?

1890-1930 or so.

What is age and value of Smith Wesson DA top break revolver 38 caliber 5 rounds serial number 243699 latest date on top of barrel Jan 3rd 82?

Your .38 top break DA third model was made between 1884-1895.

What is a 32 Huntington and Richardson 6 shot barrels break gun?

A top break revolver

When did velvet revolver break up?

October 20th 1583

What is the value of a 1930s 8 shot top break revolver Iver Johnson revolver?

50-150 USD or so

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