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i have a ranger also and i have never seen another. i know this one is only about 20 yrs old . i gave hardly nothing for it. i also would like more info. private labeled sears revolver were made by High Standard and were last sold by Sears in 1963 Sold from about 1959 through 1963

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What year was a JC Higgins Model 51 270-Win rifle with number of 58399 made and roughly how much is it worth with some pitting and blemishes on the barrel?

The JC Higgins name was used by Sears Roebuck from 1908 to 1961. Took a while to find a listing for this gun and the only guide I find it in is a 1983 edition, so the prices won't be much good now. It does tell me that it is a bolt action and the 583 indicates it was manufactured for Sears by either High Standard or Harrington & Richardson. Something like this would be worth up to $300 in 95% condition, with the HS name, but the Sears name will take off about $50-60, and any pitting INSIDE the barrel or chamber would take it much lower.

How old is a JC Higgins Ranger revolver serial 1057079?

Late 1950's. 1961

What is the value of a JC Higgins Ranger 22 6 shot revolver with numbers 948556 583990?

Around $140.

What is age and value of 9-shot 22 caliber JC Higgins Ranger revolver serial 583991 in very good condition?

I have a 9 shot 22 caliber jc Higgins ranger revolver serial number 583992. Any info you receive on this gun would be of great interest to me. I think they were sold at Sears around 1968-69. Those are not serial numbers but rather Sears reference numbers that tell the vendor 583.(High Standard) and the specific model and variation. Made 19580r 1959 through 1963.

What is the history behind the 9-shot 22 caliber JC Higgins Ranger?

Made for Sears by High Standard, and is a version of the Double-Nine revolver.

What gun is the ranger sequoia?

The Ranger Sequoia is like a revolver with a long barrel.

Where is the serial number located on a JC Higgins model 583.991 Ranger pistol?

Mine is on the right side frame above the right side of the trigger guard.

What is the manufacture date - Iver Johnson revolver serial?

What is the manufactures date on an Iver Johnson revolver serial # Q18255

Can you tell the year your revolver was made by the serial numbers?

Generally, yes, if you submit the make, model & serial number of the revolver.

What year and value is a sw 38 revolver serial?

Impossible to answer because you did provide any information about the revolver or the serial number.

J c Higgins bicycle serial chart?

I'm looking for the date of a J.C. Higgins bicycle with the serial number 705495

Where is the Serial No on a JC Higgins Model 20 Shotgun?

JC Higgins Model 20 Shotgun does not have a serial number. Guns were not required to have a serial number before 1938

What is the age of a JC Higgins Ranger model 583.990?

I received a J C Higgins Ranger model 853.990 as a gift in 1960. I don't know if they were around before that or not.

Is 583991 a unique serial number for a jc Higgins 22 revolver?

The 583.991 is the Sears identification. The 583 indicates that High Standard was the suppplier to Sears; the 991 indicates the model and its variation. The serial number is on the other side, above the trigger guard.

What is the duration of The Lone Ranger serial?

The duration of The Lone Ranger - serial - is 4.4 hours.

How do you figure the serial on a colt 45 revolver?

On a Colt revolver, the serial number is generally in two places. When you open the cylinder you will find the serial number at the base of the frame & crane.

What year was a Colt revolver made with serial number SA394846?

Serial number shows it is a single action revolver made someime after 1978.

What is the age of a colt revolver cereal 78918?

what kind of revolver?? by the way, its serial number

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson revolver serial?

No serial number provided. Serial # 426742

What is a colt cowboy ranger revolver?

There is no such thing. The Cowboy Ranger revolver is not made by Colt. The reason it has Colt stamped on the barrel is because you can use Colt ammunition. The Cowboy Ranger revolver is a pre WW1 revolver that was distributed in the US but also brought over from the soldiers as they returned from the war. If you can find any information on the manufacturing date and how to identify it please let me know

Value of your revolver serial 73699?

And the model is...............?

What is the age of your colt revolver serial?


I have a Iver Johnson revolver serial?

My iver johnson has the serial # on the trigger guard

How much is a jc Higgins single action revolver bb gun?

Please state the model and the condition of the revolver. Without that no estimate of value can be determined.

What is the date of manufacture of a colt 1917 serial number 189558?

if your pistol is of the model 1911 with serial number 189558 then it was made in 1917 by colt. If it is the revolver then the serial number is to high for the 1917 revolver.