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Stevens made two model crack shots the 26 and the 16. The 26 was a lever operated gun and the 16 had a thumd piece on the right side of the receiver to open the breech. the 16 was made from1900 to 1913 and the 26 from 1912 to 1939.Each model had a smoothbore feature that could be ordered and the designation would then be 16 1/2 and 26 1/2. These guns in very good condition bring decent money but if average ho hum condition they are around 1 to 2 hundred dollars. . Pete

what are the dinstenctive markings on this rifle and where do you find them.

The first answer tells you the distinct features - Lever Action or Thumb piece to open the action (Rolling Block). And if you want to know if you have a smoothbore version, look down the barrel.

That is not a rolling block it is a falling block design.

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Q: What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co Crackshot?
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What is the value of a j Stevens arms tool co crackshot 16 22 cal rifle in good condition?

To determine the exact value of a J Stevens Arms Tool Co Crackshot 16 22 caliber rifle a couple factors would need to be taken into consideration. Since the rifle is in good condition, the next most important factor would be the age of the rifle.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co Crackshot marked Chicopee Falls Ma USA patent applied for?

Model 16 Crackshot (thumb lever) is average condition is usually between $125 and $200. Model 26 (under-trigger lever) is worth less, usually $75 to $175. Condition determines value.

Value of J Stevens Arms and Tool Company electro steel choke bored?

How old is the gun

Is there a difference between a J. Stevens Arms Co. and a J. Stevens Arms Company?

no Co. is an abbreviation for company But there are differences between: * J. Stevens and Co. * J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. * J. Stevens Arms Co. * Stevens and * Stevens - Savage

When did J Stevens arms and tool Co make the 16gauge model 947?

Any Stevens firearm that is marked J Stevens Arms and Tool co.Was produced between the years 1886-1915.That is as close as I can get.

What is the age and value of J Stevens Arms Company 22 short long or long rifle single shot bolt action made in Chicofee Falls Mass Model 16?

The "J.Stevens Arms & Tool Company" produced firearms from 1886 until 1920. A Model 16 Crackshot (thumb lever) in average condition is usually between $125 and $200

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co model 520 20 gauge pump shotgun?

$50 in good condition

When did Mass Arms Co open?

Massachusetts Arms Company operated from 1860 to 1893. The name was later used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, J. Stevens Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

What is the value of a Stevens Arms and tool co 22 l r crack shot rifle stamped s 235?

50-125 USD

What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co 254DB 16ga shotgun?

I can say that the marking stevens Arms and Tool company was marked on stevens made firearms from 1886-1915.This time period would include your double barrel shotgun.As to value that would dpend on your shotgun having steel barrel or Damascus twist steel barrel(BLACKPOWDER ONLY).The ovreall condition would also be important.

J Stevens arms tool co double shotgun model 235 is there any value?

50-100 USD, seldom any more than that.

When was a J Stevens Arms tool Co shotgun model 285 made?


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