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What is the age and value of a Savage Arms Stevens Model 940E 16 gauge made in Westfield Mass serial P180300?

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With both company names, it would have been made sometime after 1948. If you find the Savage Arms website, there should be an address for the Stevens Historian. For $15 he will research a Stevens serial number (if your gun is numbered). Value will be $25 for a parts-gun up to $120 for one in excellent condition.

If it has both the Stevens and Savage names on it, then it was manufactured after 1945 and before 1969.

The Savage/Stevens model 72 crackshot rifle was made from 1972-1989.

Not if they were manufactured prior to 1969.

Not much in the way of serial number data on Stevens guns. Check with the customer service staff at Savage Arms- Stevens has been part of the Savage brand for nearly 100 years.

Mail:Savage Arms, Inc.100 Springdale RoadWestfield, MA 01085Phone: (413) 568-7001

Your stevens model 9478 was made by savage/stevens between the years 1978-1985.

We cannot tell from a serial number alone. You might check with Savage Firearms customer service (They own the Stevens brand)

The Stevens Savage Model 124 12 gauge shotgun was made from 1949 to 1954. The serial number will signify the actual year of manufacture.

Check with Savage Firearms customer Service. Savage has owned the Stevens brand since early in the 20th century.

the savage/stevens no125 was made from 1912-1923,there were 5,000 made.

The Stevens/Savage No.345 was made from 1916-1931,with a total production of 3,500 made.

These savage/stevens model 94c were made from 1929-1942.long before serial numbers were mandated by the gun control act of 1968.So there is a strong possability that your stevens does noy have a serial number.

The savage/stevens model 72 crackshot .22cal rifle was made by savage during the years 1972-1989.

If it has both the Stevens and Savage names it was made sometime after the mid 1940's. If it has no serial number, it was made before 1969.

your savage Stevens model 125 was made between 1912-1923 with total production being 5,000.

you may find some info at the savage arms website.This was the maker of your shotgun,savage/stevens.

The Stevens Model 125, a 22 caliber Bolt-Action, Single-Shot rifle was manufactured between the years of 1898 and 1912 in Westfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A. by Savage Arms. Serial Numbers for these units range between D55350 and D62550. Earlier models will have numerically lower serial numbers. Serial numbers do overlap with other Savage Arms firearms during this era. Most Model 125 Bolt-Action, Single-Shot rifles sell for $240.00 USD to $600.00 USD depending on age and condition. Earlier models manufactured before 1905 command higher values (serial numbers below D57000.) I currently own a Stevens Savage model 125 but the serial # is much higher leading me to believe these guns were made much later than 1912. My guns serial begins with D520xxx , six numbers after the letter D. Anyone with more info please . Savage Industries did not own Stevens arms until 1920 when they purchased them. Savage Industries was manufacturing the 125 in 1982 but I am not sure when they started or stopped production. Savage arms purchased Savage Industries out of bankruptcy in 1991 and never manufactured the model 125. I now have a 1976 Savage Arms catalog and it does not list the model 125 I have searched advertisements and gun catalogs all the way back to 1944 and have been unable to find any listings of this rifle. I also find many conflicting dates concerning Savage Industries/arms and their purchase of J. Stevens Arms and the manufacture of the model 125. I am beginning to believe the history of this firearm is lost.

The best I can do is say that the savage/stevens model 94 shotgun series were made between the years 1926-1945 with a total production of 934,000 made.

The serial number range for the Stevens model 520-30 military shotguns is from 30,000-70,000.As to the year of manufacture you will probably have to contact Savage/Stevens directly.

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