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What is the age and value of a Winchester 30-30 model 94 Theodore Roosevelt commemorative?


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This rifle and carbine were made in 1969. My guide suggests a value of $395 for either. This price is for a gun that has never been handled and is still accompanied by all the original paperwork and the box, including the pasteboard sleeve. If you are missing any of these accessories or the gun has been fired, it becomes a fancy shootin' iron instead of a collectable.

According to this website: which is dedicated to the valuation of Winchester 94 commemoratives, the value is $545.00 U.S. They have a good list of values of all Winchester 94 commemoratives. Leo Ryan

I sold mine in new condition, never fired but with no box or papers for $425.00 as a consignment in a local gun store. Sold very quickly.............I had mine from 1977 until 2002. Not sure when it was made but in the mid 70's... !


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Winchester says they never made a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-06, but they do have a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Model 94 chambered in 30-30. They also have Limited Edition Model 1895s (Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rifle) in the 30-06 caliber that have Roosevelt's picture on the box, but they're not technically Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative models. Hope that helps.

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Your Winchester model 1894 commemorative was issued in 1967.

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Winchester made the cowboy commemorative rifles in the year 1970.

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