The Sims 3

What is the age minimum for the sims 3?

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What age is the Sims 3 for?

You should be a teen to play the sims 3.

What age does a sims die in Sims 3?


In sims three your sims wont age?

Your sims do age in the Sims 3. You can turn aging off, though, in the options menu.

How old do you have to be to have a My Sims?

If you are talking about My sims in wii and DS the the answer is 3+ If your taking about sims 2 or sims 3 the age is 12+

How do you age down in the sims 3 for PC?

I enjoy playing the sims 3 myself and I ,to wish that you could age down and that is impossible,only on the sims 2.

Why Don't babies Age Up In Sims 3 Generations?

Babies do age up in the sims 3 generations :P

What computers can run the Sims 3?

The Sims 3 minimum requirements to run the game for PC are listed on The Sims 3's web page. See the related link below.

What is the minimum age your howrse has to be to do compotions on HOWRSE?

The minimum age to be in a competition is 3 years.

How can you get your sim on Sims 3 for the ipodtouch age?

go to the app store and type: 'the sims 3'

What is the difference in Sims 2 and Sims 3?

The graphics are different, in Sims 3 there are no loading screens and the Sims age even if you aren't playing them, Sims 2 you can follow them into public lots in Sims 3 you can't. and on the Sims 2 you can see the Sims naked but on the Sims 3 they blur it out

What is the cheat to make sims age sims 3?

you can buy a cake and then use it

Can you turn young adult into a teen for sims 3?

No. Age transitions cannot be reversed in The Sims 3.

What age do you have to be to play the sims 3?

you have to be 12+

Will your kid on sims 3 Ambitions stay a toddler forever?

As in all of the Sims 3 games, you can choose whether your sims age or not. If you disable aging, yes, your toddler will stay at this age forever, but will age up to a child if you enable aging.

Can your sim age in The Sims 3 on ps3?

yes they can:)

How can you age in the sims 3 for wii?

By waiting days and you will reach a point where you will age.

How do you kill sims on Sims 3 wii?

there are many ways that sims can die or be killed on the sims 3 wii,here are some reasons:flies,drowning,fire,electrcution,and old age

How can you die in the sims 3?

Your Sims can die of old age, drowning, burning, or being singed.

If you don't enable aging for the sim in sims 3 will the other sims that I don't control age?

No, they will not.

Can sims grow up to adults in The Sims 3?

of corse they can! sims 3 is made to be more relistic just look at the age bar under your sims head on the bit at the bottem of your screen

Can sims age on The Sims 2?

Yes, sims age on the Sims 2.Although if you wish, there are cheats to make them notage.

What is the age restriction of the sims 3?

im guessing M15+ :)

What is the age rating on the Sims 3 game?

t for teen

What is the minimum age to get a tattoo in South Carolina?


Can The Sims 3 be played on Windows XP Service Pack 3?

Yes, the minimum XP Service Pack is 2