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What is the age of High Standard Supermatic Citation Model 104 serial 1424157?


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1,424,157 shipped 3/9/1965 as a catalog number 9261

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With the serial number that you have provided,your High Standard citation model 102 was made in the year 1958.

I believe that pistol is from the 1965-1967 era. If you have a question please post it.

depends on condition. Around $550 for average specimen, and price goes up for better condition

The model # 107 Series lifespan was from late 68 to late 72 Serial # Range 2,030,000 - 2,330,000

The High Standard model is a Supermatic citation- none of my references show them as being made in stainless steel. There are High Standard pistols made swith an Electroless Nickel finish. Not extremely common nor extremely rare.

There were many model series to the hi standard supermatic citation.These were the 102 series which were made from 1958-1960,the 103 series which were made from 1960-1963,and the 104 series which were made from 1963-1978.Most of these will have the model number on the right side.While there are two more series,the 106,107 these were made for the military as training weapons.

Lets start with the fact that you have a Hi-Standard first model supermatic that was made in the year 1952.The first model was made from 1951-1953.For a First model with between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,the price is between 175-415 dollars.Your supermatic could be had with either a 4 1/2in or 6 3/4in barrel.These could be had with both weights and filler strip.if this is present your supermatic will increase in value by 250 dollars.

SUPERMATIC TOURNAMENT MILITARY - $125-550 - depending on condition, if it has "MODEL 106"/"MILITARY" on it, a few dollar more, but without more detail or serial numbers...

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Contact High Standard with the Serial Number and they will tell you when it was manufactured.

With the serial number that you have provided,your Hi-Standard R101 was made in the year 1957.

With the serial number that you have provided,your Hi standard Model B was made by Hi Standard in the year 1936.

With the serial number that you have provided,your Hi Standard model B was made in the year 1941.

International Standard Serial Number

Your serial number indicates that your High Standard M-101 was made in the year 1956.

our Hi-Standard Sport King dates to the year 1974 with the serial number provided.

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