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At this time the best I can do is say that your Winchester model 1894 trapper was made between 1985 to 2006.

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Q: What is the age of Winchester Model 94 Trapper sereial 6580783?
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What year was a Winchester 1966 model 70 with the sereial numbers of 895XXX?

If your numbers are correct, that model 70 was made in 1968, not 66. What is it you're asking?

What is the value of a Winchester repeater model 94 trapper?

200 USD

What is a Winchester trapper in 44mag worth?

your winchester model 1894 trapper is selling for between 150-550 dollars depending on the overall condition of your rifle and the remaining original finish.

How can you tell if a 30 30 Winchester Model 94 or Trapper is pre 1964?

By the serial number.

When was a Winchester Model 1894 trapper 25-35 nickel steel serial 594958 made?


How can you tell if you have a Winchester model 94ae 357 Ranger Trapper or Wrangler?

The ranger was 1 inch shorter from shoulder to triger.this one was made for a child. The trapper is the adult version

Winchester 1892 44wcf ser788609 20 in barrell half magazine no saddle ring is this a trapper model or a special order?

No, it is not a "Trapper" model. The standard barrel length for a Model 1892/92 Carbine was 200inches. Trapper Carbines were made with barrels shorter than 20-inches (e.g. 14, 15, 16, and 18 inches).

Sears model 200 is what Winchester model?

Winchester Model 1200

What is a Winchester Model 70?

A Winchester Model 70 is a rifle.

What is the age of Winchester Model 42 15503?

Your Winchester model 42 was made by Winchester in 1935.

What is the value of a Winchester model 30aw?

Winchester did not make a Model 30

What is the value of the 1980 Winchester Model 94 30-30 Trapper - 16 inch barrel 5 bullet lever action rifle?

Winchester 9416 Trappers before 1981 are Pre-USRAC and also before the design change. They sell for around $800. in good used condition, The 16" Trapper is highly desirable regardless of year of mfg.

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