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What is the age of a 20 gauge Sears Roebuck JC Higgins 583.3 bolt action shotgun proof tested and chambered for 2 3-4 inch shells?



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1945 made by H&R for High standard who in turn sold them to Sears these older pre model 10 J C Higgins shotguns are getting hard to come by in good condition in good or better condition its worth about 120. 00 bucks Dealers will pay far less than that. There is only a hand full of Sears collectors out there But a Sears gun collector would pay more. at any rate what you have is the first series of JC Higgins guns The 583 Sears code actually means House brand Sears only product made by or in part By Sears Roebuck & co and exclusively sold by Sears. Just after world War Two Sears bought Interest in In High Standard Manufacturing Co.and the rights to manufacture the H&R model 120 from the Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. as part of the Deal H&R manufactured all of the J C Higgins bolt action shotguns 583 1 to 583 13 for High Standard / Sears That is why these guns a referred to as the pre model 10 Half of the 583 13 and every thing after that 583 14 to 583 25 were made by High Standard .these were known as the J C Higgins model 10. Your early H&R manufacture is a really good little shotgun worth keeping. they are excellent Hunters and have plenty of use full fire power. and despite its age its still as good as any thing out their today It has some very interesting History with it To.