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What is the age of a 357 Iver Johnson that is made to clip onto a stock?

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Mid 1970s through 1984.

2006-08-02 10:35:33
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Q: What is the age of a 357 Iver Johnson that is made to clip onto a stock?
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When was Iver Johnson target model 1900 sn 14000 made?

I can say that the Iver johnson target model small frame(,22cal)was made from 1925-1928.The iver johnson target large frame(.22cal)was made from 1921-1941.

Where are Iver Johnson guns made?


Do they make a nine shot pistol made by Iver Johnson?

They do not make a nine shot pistol made by Iver Johnson. These pistols were available in the 1940s.

What is Iver Johnson serial number 24474?

Iver Johnson made many different firearms. Serial 24474 is one of them.

When was the Iver Johnson 22 top break super-shot 9 shot made?

The Iver Johnson .22cal supershot automatic model 90 witch you describe was made by Iver Johnson between the years 1932-1941.

How old is a Iver Johnson target pistol model 55?

Your Iver Johnson Target model 55 was made from 1955-1960.

Did Iver Johnson make a 410 ga shotgun?

Yes Iver Johnson did make 410 shot guns, I own 2 break open 410 shot guns both made by Iver Johnson.

What is a Iver Johnson s.a. cal. 45 revolver worth?

The Iver Johnson "Cattleman" series was made by A. Uberti in Italy then imported and sold by Iver Johnson. In good shape, around $350.

How old is your Iver Johnson cadet 55sa 22 caliber?

The iver johnson cadet 55sa was made during the years 1961-1978.

What year your Iver Johnson riffle was made?

Mine was made in 1928 when was your made?

When was an Iver Johnson made?

The company existed with that name from 1871 to 1987. A great source of information on Iver Johnson firearms is the book by W.E. Goforth titled, "Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993".

20 gauge dbbl Wards Westernfield model 53?

I am pretty sure the Wards Westernfield Model 53 was made by Iver Johnson. Externally the Model 53 and Iver Johnson Hercules look identical. I believe the Iver Johnson Hercules was made from 1918 to 1936.

How old is Iver Johnson 57 A serial number J75206?

I can only say that the Iver Johnson model 57A target was made from 1955-1975.

What year was the 410 Iver Johnson shotgun made?


Who made the Defender 1889 handgun?

Iver Johnson was the manufacturer.

Where can you find a parts break down for a 32 caliber us revolver?

These were made by Iver Johnson company. Try searching under Iver Johnson,

When and who made the American bulldog 32 short 4342?

Iver Johnson

How old is Iver Johnson 410 bore Hercules number 17839?

The Iver Johnson Hercules grade hammerless shotgun in 410 gauge was made from 1924-1935 by Iver Johnson.With the serial number that you possess I would assume that it was made early on during production.

What is the age of a Trailsman 66 22 caliber revolver by Iver Johnson how old is it?

The Iver Johnson Trailsman model 66 large frame revolver was made from 1958-1978.

How can you tell if a Montgomery Ward Hercules 12 gauge shotgun was made by Iver Johnson or J Stevens?

Hercules was made by Iver Johnson from 1918-1943, Hercules name dropped in late 30's!

Where can you find a clip for an Iver Johnson 22lr Trailblazer?

The Iver Johnson Trail Blazer .22 LR. Cal. semi-automatic rifle was imported from Canada from 1983 to 1989. They were made for Iver Johnson by the gun manufacturer Lakefield, Lakefield was later bought out by Savage Arms Company. Try a cross reference with Lakefield's models for a possible find for the magazine. You could go to and check their rifle forum for a possible answer or post your own question to Bill Goforth on that forum, Mr. Goforth knows all things Iver Johnson and H&R.

What is a Iver Johnson M1 carbine worth?

Not much, thinking it was made after WWII.

How do you identify an Iver Johnson Enforcer pistol?

The Enforcer pistol was basically a scaled .30 cal M1 rifle legally sold & registered as a pistol. They were made by both Universal and Iver Johnson.The Iver Johnson had a stock that was grooved out at the right of the bolt for the addition of an M2 auto sear that the Universal did not have and the IJ bolt grouping was more "auto convertible" friendly as well. The IJ was often sold in a full auto version to Law Enforcement agencies.

What year was a m1 Iver Johnson made?

If it's the Iver Johnson M1 Carbine, they were manufactured from the mid 1960's through the mid 70's. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Who made champion shotgun?

Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works made a champion model shotgun.