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What is the age of a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial 70567?

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Go to and you can age your firearm based on the serial number...its a bit complicated to figure out but not too difficult....

Make sure that this serial number is not preceded by an X, or S. If the serial number is only those 5 digits, then you have a standard 16ga made in 1929. Sweet 16's are a lightweight version of the standard 16ga auto 5, but were not made until 1937.

Beginning in 1948, FN started to engrave the wording Sweet sixteen in script on the left side of the gun. If this is what your gun has, then if it is an "X70567" it was made in 1952.

If the serial number has an "S" above or before the number such as "S70567" then it was made in 1956. If there is any other numbers associated with the serial number, then state a complete description and ask the question again

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your browning sweet-sixteen with the serial number you provided was made by browning in belgium by FN in 1956.

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Your browning sweet sixteen was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1957,with the serial numbe that you provided.

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