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What is the year of manufacture for the Savage 12 gauge shotgun 30 series B serial number A794580 and how much is it worth. It is a pump action and no hammer with a variable choke. The condition is very good, it does have a few scratches on the stock and a few small rust spots about 1/8 inch in diameter and a little bit of the blueing is worn off on the left side of the chamber. It is a right handed shotgun. No recoil pad. Has a stainless steel trigger. From what I can see, there is nothing wrong that a good cleaning wouldn't fix. Any information I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


Caught your question by chance- when you put text into the answer field, it goes to the "already answered" bin. If you mean the Savage Model 30- Solid Frame, Hammerless Slide Action- they were made from about 1958-1970. There WERE a couple of take-down Model 30s, made 71-79. In general, the Savage guns are solid, workmanlike utility grade guns- in other words, a shooter. The Savage line has not had the collector following of Winchester or Browning, but were valued as a "working man's" type of shotgun. Depending on exact condition and exact model, barrels, etc, these would sell for about $180-300 today.

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Q: What is the age of a Savage Thirty Series B?
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The Savage model 24B was introduced in the year 1950 along with the model 24.These were made until 1965.

What price does a Savage model 170 series b go for?

I just bought a model 170 series b ser#c754716 in relativeley good condition for $200.00 Canadian.

What year was fox savage model b series h double built?

I can say that the Fox/Savage model B double barrel shotguns were made from 1940-1986.I cannot say when the series H was made,but you can contact savage directly thru their customer service dept.and they may assist you in identifying the exact year of production.

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What is the value of a savage fox model b series h serial number B611255 double barrel shotgun?

The value of a Savage Fox model B series h double barrel shotgun with a serial number of B611255 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 199.99 and 275.00 as of 2014.

What is the value of a Savage model 170 series b 3030?

I'm not sure the actual value, but I just came across a used Savage 170C (carbine). The asking price was $145 in good condition.

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your Fox model B shotgun is valued at between 335-600 dollars,based on your shotgun having between 10%-80% of its original finish remaining,and a good set of bores.the Fox model B was made from 1940-1986.

What is the age and value of a Savage Arms - Fox Model B Series H shotgun?

I once owned a Savage Fox 12 gauge double. I think it was a "B". It had a rather broad forearm, raised rib and a rear bead. A fox's head was engraved on the bottom in front of the trigger guard. I think I paid about $300.00 for it (used of course).Best shotgun I ever had - but It was destroyed in a fire over 17 years ago. Hope this helps.

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What is the value of a 12 gauge Savage Arms Fox Model B series H double trigger side by side with 28 inch barrel in excellent condition?


What can you tell about a savage west point model four seventy four series b pump thirty thirty it looks just like the model one seventy made from nineteen seventy to nineteen eighty one?

Modern Gun Values or the Gun Trader's Guide are both good sources of information. Current editions of these books can be picked up at common places such as Wal-Mart or Barnes and Nobles. These books have brief histories on the various models of firearms.

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Value of relation model 230 - B ?

What year fox savage model b B41658 and value?

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Value of savage arms 20 ga double barrel shotgun fox b series pat3005263 model 8724878 sp6?

Depending on quality, 175- 200 Depending on quality, 175- 200

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