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What is the age of a Stevens Arms Model 225 Hammer Boxlock serial number 16821?


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2004-02-01 15:29:37
2004-02-01 15:29:37

The best information I have suggests 1920-1932.


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What's the year of my Stevens? Serial number p116495

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The model 235 hammer boxlock prices asof the year 2000, are NIB-800, EXC-400, V.g.350, good-300,Fair-250 poor-200.

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Stevens 12 ga, Model 77D, made before 1968 may not have a serial number. However, some do! If it has a serial number, it will be behind the trigger on the receiver side.

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These savage/stevens model 94c were made from 1929-1942.long before serial numbers were mandated by the gun control act of 1968.So there is a strong possability that your stevens does noy have a serial number.

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