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Depending on condition of metal and wood, Stevens double .410s of any age tend to bring in the $300 to $600 range.

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Q: What is the age of a Stevens double barrel 410 with Stevens and a duck on the left side and J Stevens Arms Co Patented 1915 on the right?
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How do you open a Stevens single shotgun?

If it is a typical Stevens double or single barrel there should be a metal lever towards the back of the stock slide it left or right and tilt the barrel down.

What model is your Stevens double barrel?

Gun has TLL 409 on right side of reciever. No markings just SN

Your Double Barrel Shotgun only has Stevens Arms Co Printed on left side How do you find out what model it is?

The model number should be on the right side.

Where can you find a barrel for a Stevens 235 double barrel?

eBay has them occasionally, as does and There is a seller on eBay that has one right now, (as of 4/5/13). Seller id is militariamason. Good luck!

Which trigger fires what barrel on Stevens 5100?

front trigger fires right barrel. back trigger fires left. boone

What is the history of a J Stevens Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with a nylon stock that loads by breaking the barrel open?

Most all shotguns are loaded by "breaking the barrel(s) open, particularly double barrels. Do you mean "Nylon" or possibly teonite. Stevens put a teonite stock on model 5100's (I know, I purchased one in July, 1947 in Beaumont, Texas) right after the war was over. .

You need info on a shotgun single shot 12ga on the top of the barrel it says patented August 12 1913 on the reciver the only thing you can make out is at the end of the stamping MSCO under that it say?

i have a Stevens like the one you speak is what mine is stamped....hope it, patented august 12 1913 right side of receiver trade mark Stevens reg us pat off & fgn Stevens arms company chicopee falls mass. usa left side stamped nitro special.........

Problem with your Russian shotgun double barrel side by side 12mm The right barrel fires over-left but the left barrel fires over-right what can you do?

At what distance??

What is an Eastern Arms double barrel 12 gauge with 101.7 on the left and 5100 on the right and proof tested 12 gauge 2 3-4 inch chamber on the left barrel and selected forged steel on the right worth?

That's a Stevens gun manufactured in the 1930s. A fully functional 12 gauge double is worth $150-$250, depending on condition.

What are double triggers on a shotgun?

There is one for each barrel. The back one is for the left hand barrel and the front is for the right hand barrel.

On a Stevens 311 20 gauge side by side is there a way to tell if the chokes are full or modified?

yes, I have a 311a double barrel 20ga and the left barrel is a full choke and the right barrel is modified. I also have a Springfield 511 double barrel and the chokes are the same on it. If you look at the end of the barrel you can tell one of them is slightly smaller and that is your full choke, that would be the left barrel and the right barrel is modified. I hope that helps. Of course, if they are improved and open there will also be a difference in the measurements. Just take it to a gunsmith and ask him to check. If he has the gauges, it will take him less than a minute and he probably won't even charge you for it.

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge J Stevens Arms Company Springfield side by side double barrel manufactured in Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

I too would like some information regarding a 20 gauge J. Stevens Arms Company 'Springfield' double barrel shotgun, the only other markings are 5000 on the right side plate and a circled 22 near the trigger guard.

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