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Your shotgun was made during the 1950,s.


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j stevens arms company modle 94b what year made

model 94B Stevens plastic stock was mfg in 1950. Stevens uded letter code starting with A in 1949 until P in 1969.

The stevens model 94B was made from 1926-1945.The total production of this shotgun was 934,000.

It means your Montgomery Ward branded gun was made by Savage/Stevens and is identical to the Stevens model 94B.

That would be a Stevens 94B sold by Sears Roebuck.

The Springfield J Stevens arms 20 gauge shotgun, barrel number 94B is valued at $175 in top condition. Fair condition value is $75.

This model was made by stevens arms company.There model number designator was the stevens model 94B.

The age would be around 45 to 60 years and the value would be around 45 to 60 dollars.

The 94 series was Savage/Stevens workhorse single-shot shotgun produced for many years and in many variations. Typically can be found for less than $100.

The 94 series was manufactured from 1926 to 1945. Total production was 934,000, including the ones marked with other trade names.

The words Western Field means that you have a firearm that was made for the Montgomery wards Co.In this case you have a firearm that was made by Stevens,and the model that you have is The stevens model 94B(Tenite).This is a single shot shotgun that was first made in 1926.

Go to the WEB search for gun parts Numrich co. when you get to the site look up Springfield then look for 94 and click on it it has almost every part & schematics for all makes of guns. GOOD HUNTING.

Its basically a Stevens 94B, just sold under Pioneer. I actually got one myself. They are the JcPenny version of Stevens if i am not mistaken. Worth about 150-300 bucks. But normally more towards 150.

your Wards shotgun was made by Stevens.It is the Stevens model 94B(Tenite).These were made from 1926-1945.There were 934,000 made during this time span.

If marked with both the Stevens and Savage names, it was made between 1948 and 1991. Don't really know when they quit using tenite, but probably in the early 1950's

Try Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

I just bought a model 94B 16ga. for $95.00, but i thought i got a good deal, so not sure of worth either.

Will need all of the markings on the shotgun to give a correct approximate date range.

It depends largely on shape. Blue Book of Gun Values puts 100% at $95.00. I have seen these guns anywhere from $20.00 - $250.00 in shops and gun shows. Great guns almost indestructible. I have a 20 guage I bought missing the firing pin 15-17 years ago. I paid $5.00 for a firing pin and I have killed more with that gun than all of the other guns I have in my safe.

Chances are that you have a Stevens model 94B,that was made for Montgomery wards by Stevens.these shotguns have been made from 1926-1945,in a total amount of 934,000.I hope this might help?

Try looking on a general search engine such as yahoo or google and type in the aforementioned requests. I was lucky to find mine with forearm at a gun show to replace the plastic units. I finished them with a reddish walnut stain and tung oil; It looks beautiful now. I have owned this sweet 16 mod.94 since 1974. It carries and balances nicely,(light) I fitted a Pachmayer recoil pad to the stock so now its only mean on the business end.

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