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Ruger has sn data on their website.

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2009-04-25 04:25:58
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Q: What is the age of a rugerm77 with serial number 789-94289 what is the age of a ruger 30 caliber blackhawk serial 50-21687?
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What is a ruger blackhawk .45 caliber worth?


What is the Ruger Blackhawk 30 caliber worth?

100-400 or so

What is rifle caliber on a Blackhawk Rifle CompStock Rem700BDL?

They were made in several calibers- will be marked on the barrel.

What is the value of a ruger blackhawk 30 caliber?

i see them on auction for around $500 all the time

What price is it on a Blackhawk Ruger 45 Caliber?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a used Ruger Blackhawk 357 caliber handgun?

75-1000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have.

What is the value of a used sturm ruger 45 caliber new model blackhawk?

50-350 USD or so

What is the age of a 30 caliber ruger blackhawk model 50-21687?

Ruger's web site has sn data.

Where can you sell parts for a ruger blackhawk 44 caliber handgun?

For sale ads, gunshops, gunshows,

What is the value of a ruger blackhawk 45 caliber revolver?

100-1000 depending on exactly what you have, condition, box, accessories, papers, etc..

How old is Sturm Ruger 357 Caliber Blackhawk 91580?

Call Ruger and they will tell you. SN info is also on their web site if you can access it.

What is the value of a Ruger 6 shot 22 caliber Blackhawk revolver?

The Blackhawk was not made in 22 LR. If you have one with "Blackhawk" on the frame, you need to call Ruger. There is an almost astronomical chance that you could have a factory experimental, but, I doubt it. More likely you have a Single Six of some type or maybe a Bear Cat. Any of the 22 revolvers can range from 50-400 depending on specifics.

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