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Would need the specific model number.

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Q: What is the age of an early model 12 gauge JC Higgins double barrel shotgun?
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Jc Higgins model 20 12 ga shotgun model 583.55 date of manufacture on a JC Higgins Model 20 shotgun?

Early 1950's

What can you tell you about a jc Higgins 16 gauge model 58318 shotgun?

it.s an early 50s model...semi automatic shotgun..

What year was your JC Higgins Model 583.7 made?

The JC Higgins 583.7 bolt action shotgun was made in late 1946 of early 1947.

Information on a Crescent Fire Arms 410 side by side double barrel shotgun it was your Grandmothers gun?

Made around the turn of/early part of the century.

What year was the jc Higgins model 583.13 bolt action shotgun made?

Late 1940s- early 1950s

Who made the JC Higgins 101.25 shotgun?

Savage-Stevens, early-mid 40's through 50s

What is the approximate age of a J C Higgins Model 21-20GA 5832075 shotgun?

Early 1960's. There will be a two upper case letter assembly date code on the barrel.

What is age and value Ithaca hammerless double barrel serial number 12190?

It sounds to me like you have a Early made Ithaca Baker model double barrel shotgun made in 1889-1890.As to value I would have someone with the knowledge to evaluate you gun and then he could assign a value for you.

How much is a Lefever 12 gauge single barrel shotgun worth?

An early model Lefever single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun with a 30-inch plain barrel can be found for sale online for $300. This is the price for one that is in excellent condition.

Old double barrel shotgun by wRichards number24043?

Unfortunately, W. Richard was a low quality shotgun that attempted to cash in on the very fine quality Westley Richards guns. No connection between the two. Made early 1900s. sold by Sears.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge Columbia shotgun number 123085 with a 36-inch barrel?

This would be an early H&R shotgun from 1905-1940, or thereabouts. The 36" barrel makes it more interesting.

You have a double barrel side hammer old shotgun name on receiver is Hanover Arms Co is there a way to date it It was passed down from your great grandfather?

I own an old ,early 1900 or older 12 guage hanover arms shotgun,given to me in hanover,pa.It has outside hammer triggers and a twisted steel barrel

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