What is the age of consent?

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Age of Consent refers to the age at which a minor can consent to a sexual relationship. (How old you need to be to have sex/the minimum age allowed).

Different countries have different laws. Some go as low as 9 (for females) to as high as 25 (for both sexes). The majority are between 16 and 18, with the majority of all others between 14 and 21.

In the US, states establish AOC laws, therefore they are not the same in every state. Some states require a parent's consent, hence the "age of consent". The minimum AOC for any US state is 14; the maximum is 18. Bear in mind that most states and counties have constitutional laws and statutory laws, and authorities may use either in a suspected criminal violation.

If you are resident of the US then you must abide by the laws in your own State if you travel interstate or abroad. Wherever you travel to in the world you will therefore be under the AOC laws in your home state. This measure has been taken to cut sexual predators from committing offenses by traveling away from home.

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Homosexual SexThe age of consent for homosexual sex is not always the same as it is for heterosexual sex. In some States and Countries, homosexual sex is illegal. You must be aware of these details within your Country or region. Legal RamificationsYou can't legally consent to having sex under that age. That means that even if you agree, and even if you want to, and even if you started it, the law says you are too young to consent and the other person (if s/he is over the age of consent) can be charged with having sex with a minor, or rape, or any of several other crimes.

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Q: What is the age of consent?
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