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what is the age of a belgiun made browning sweet sixteen #x91426

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What is the age of a Belgian Browning Safari Grade rifle serial?

You will have to call Browning with the serial number or go to their website and look it up.

What year is your browning safari grade serial 2L10285?

The answer to the question is "1962". That is the year represented by the 2. The L is the code letter for Safari Grade and 10285 is the rifle's serial number.

What is the age of a Belgian Browning Safari grade rifle SN 3L 21572?

With the serial number that you supplied,your Browning Safari bolt action rifle was produced by FN of Belguim for Browning in the year 1963.

When was my Browning high power rifle serial 4L25369 made?

This should be a Safari Grade mauser action made in 1964

What is the age of a Belgian Browning Safari Grade rifle serial 4L26147?

That gun was made in 1964 - making it 46 years old.

What is the age of a Belgian Browning Safari Grade rifle serial 7L 42547?

Browning.com has a sn function under customer service

What is the age of a 300 magnum Browning Mauser action serial B11385?

That is not a Browning serial number. The 1958-1968 Browning dating system was of the format: <last digit of year of manufacture><letter indicating grade><serial number> An example would be 8L12345. 8 = year (duplicated between 1958 and 1968) L = Safari grade 12345 = serial number John

When was my browning safari grade made in Finland rifle made serial 829Y4?

The small caliber and action Browning Safari grade bolt action rifles were made from 1959-1975.Your rifles action was made by Sako.The serial number does not correspond to any of my records on the safari bolt action rifles.It should have a prefix or suffix to the serial number.The only time this was not used was for the year 1959.Your rifle could have been made that year.

What is the age of a Belgian Browning safari grade rifle serial 311M228316?

Go to Browning.com, select customer service, select date your firearm.

What is the model and age of a 243 Browning bolt action serial 12783 Z69 made in Finland?

You have what is properly called the Browning High-Power Bolt-Action Rifle in Safari grade, but most people call it simply the Browning Safari bolt-action. Your gun was made in 1969.

What is the age of a belgian browning safari grade rifle serial 61420 L71?

Browning.com has a sn look up function under customer service.

What is a browning safari grade 270 with a 22 inch barrel in verygood condition worth?

A browning safari grade rifle in a standard caliber,and the condition you describe is valued at 995-1,100 dollars.

What is the value and grade of browning 22 serial number 3t54774?

You must call Browning to find out what grade it is.

What year is a Browning Safari Grade with serial 8L47728?

Browing has sn data on their website under customer service. They also offer a history letter service.

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