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What is the age when a minor becomes an adult?

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It depends on where you are living. In the US states the legal age of majority is 18, with the exception of Nebraska where it is 19. In other countries it varies. In some it is 19, 20 or 21. In a rare few it is 16. In one middle eastern country it is 13.

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Q: What is the age when a minor becomes an adult?
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What is the legal age of minor in Florida when parent is not longer responsible?

As long as they are a minor, they are the parent's responsibility. When the child becomes an adult at age 18 they are no longer responsible.

Is your child still considered a minor if in high school at age 18?

Nope. When someone reaches the age of 18. he/she becomes a legal adult.

What is the legal age that your child can move out WITH OUT consent from parents in South Carolina?

18. The age of 18 a child becomes and adult. Until that time they are a minor.

What age is a minor considered an adult?

If you're in the US, the age of an adult is 18.

In Alabama If your a minor and you have a baby are you legally an adult?

No. You are a minor with a baby. 18 is the age you become an adult.

What is the age limit to be considered a minor in Kansas?

You are a minor until you are an adult. That is the age of 18.

What age can a child leave home and live on their own in Arizona?

A minor becomes a legal adult upon reaching their 18th birthday.

At what age is a killer whale a adult?

the killer whale becomes an adult at the age of 10.

When is a child concidered an adult in Maryland?

In Maryland, as well as in the rest of the United States, a minor is considered an adult at the age of 18. This can vary in some cases, however, if the minor becomes emancipated through the court system due to special circumstances.

In 1971 were you an adult or minor at age 17 in Florida?


What do you have to be to leave home?

Adult age or emancipated minor.

What is the legal age to drink achohal?

18Added Answer:In most states the legal age to drink alcohol is now 21, even though the age when a minor becomes and adult and can even vote is only 18.

Is it illegal for an adult to kiss a minor?

Yes unless the minor have reached the age of consent.

AT WHAT AGE is a child becomes an adult in NC When is a child an adult in NC?


What is the age limit to be considered a minor in Florida?

21 is the adult age in Florida

What age minor can move out?

When they become of adult age in their state, usually at 18.

What is the age of emancipation of a minor in Indiana?

You become an adult at age 18. You are then no longer considered a minor. You can contract, including marriage.

What age is a minor in Iowa considered an adult?

18 years

What age can a minor move out without parental consent in Tn?

They cannot while they are a minor. They have to be an adult.

What age does a Siberian husky becomes an adult?

they become an adult at around one or two

Are you legally a adult in Maryland at the age of 16?

No. You are minor until you reach the age of 18.

At what age does a minor in California become legally emancipated?

{| |- | Emancipation is something that is done for minors before they reach adulthood. Once you reach adulthood, there is no need to be emancipated. In California one becomes an adult at the age of 18. |}

What age is considered a runaway in Mississippi?

Anyone under the age of 18 is a runaway. They are a minor and not an adult.

If minor has parent permission and gets pregnant by an adult?

A parent that gives permission for a minor to have sex with an adult is committing a crime, as is the adult with whom the minor has sex. Think about it. If it is okay for a parent to give permission for a minor to have sex with an adult, at what age is ok? 15? 12? 10? What about 4 or 5? It is the responsibility of the parent to protect their minor child.

At what age do they considered a child emancipated?

The legal age of majority in Nebraska is 19. In all other states the age when a minor becomes an adult is 18. This does not apply to court orders of support where a different age is stipulated and it may not apply to a person who is physically or mentally disabled.