What is the aim of robot?

The Robots are AI (Artificial intelligent). They are the inventions of human. Human made them for the purpose of his own use. But what if the robot is made by another Robot. what should be its aim and what should be its goal in the world.

A robot when created by another robot is not said to be artificial intelligent. Then they are more intelligent than humans. But it will be done in 2040 that a robot will be able to make his superior copy which will be more intelligent than humans. They will be able to dream , think , decide , assume and they will have the power to see the future as well. They will decide the future . They will have all powers and then they will be able to turn the whole world according to them. Humans will be the slaves of robots on that time. All the robots will try to destroy the humans. But some Robots will think different according to their nature. They will try to help humans on that time. They will be confused by their fellows and their aims. They will start to find their new aims to satisfy themselves. They will try to save humans and help others.