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Q: What is the air pump emissions controls?
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Can you put a carburetor on a throttle body motor and still pass emissions?

okay i just found out a carbyrator will pass emissions you just have to be able to run the emissions controls like catylist convertor and air injecton pump if you have one

Does the air pump make a car perform better?

Perform better, no. The air pump helps to clean up the emissions.

What is the pump under the alternator used for that goes to the headers on a stock 1983 Chevy with a 305 and should it be removed?

I belive It is an air pump I would recommend that you leave it there because it helps the engin breath better. it is an air pump and in some states it HAS to be in working order to pass emissions at inspections. It is the A. I. R. (air injection reactor) pump they put them on for emissions. I would recommend keeping it on to pass emissions testing

What happens if air pump is bad on vehicle?

The vehicle may fail the emissions test.

Does an air pump affect performance of a car?

It cleans up the emissions but robs some horse power to drive the pump.

What are all the emissions components on a 200 Saturn sl1?

All sensors, air pump, and EGR

What does the ecm 1 control on a 1990 Chevrolet suburban?

Emissions controls, fuel/air mixture, timing, and transmission.

Where is the emissions pump on a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer?

The secondary air pump is located on the passenger side of the engine near the top sticking out of the side.

Installed headers on 305 where do intake vacuum lines go now?

If you're talking about the air lines that force air into the exhaust manifolds from the air pump, that is an emissions thing. You could buy headers that have the threaded ports in them, add them yourself to headers that you've already bought, or defeat the emissions controls completely (not legal). Can't think of any vacuum lines involved with headers.

What is the air pump used for on 2.8 V6?

It pumps fresh air into the exhaust to help the catalytic converter (s) clean up the emissions.

Can you disconnect air pump without problems?

You may damage the catalytic converter(s) and you probably won't pass emissions.

What is the purpose of the air pump on the engine of the 1997 Volvo 960 or S90?

The air pump is activated by the car computer on a cold start, to heat up the oxygen sensors, so it will function faster, and prevent emissions

Does a 91 Camaro need a catalytic converter with an air tube?

A stock 91 Camaro that has all its original emissions equipment would need an air tube for the AIR system to function properly and pass an emissions test. However, if you have removed the air pump and related systems, an air tube wouldn't be needed.

What is a air pump on a 1998 Z28?

I have an 1981 camaro and the air pump on that is an emission related part located on the front of the engine compartment. My understanding is that it pumps air to to make the engine exhaust meet the emissions requirement. These pumps are not in the older prior to computer and emissions standards. Another expensive thing next to the catalytic converter. Can thank the green groups.

How does the vacuum system help emissions on a 1986 Chevy 350 motor and how does it work?

the emissions pump and system pull some of the exhaust out of the pipes and send it back to the air cleaner (reusing the air in the exhaust) and i guess that way it polutes less

Implementation of laws to reduce pollution?

The Clean Air Act is a federal law that controls air pollution on the national level. The emissions law regulates the air pollution for on-road and nonroad vehicles and engines.

Does a gas pump control fumes?

no the fuel pump it self does not control emissions

What is the air pump used for on 1987 2.8 V6 Chevrolet Camaro?

In reality it pumps clean air into the exhaust to dilute it so that it would pass emissions tests.

Can a Fuel pump affect the emissions on a Suburban?


Where can you find an electrical schematic for the air condintioning pump and controls on a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2?

In a motor manual.

Why do you have to pump the gas to start a fuel injected truck?

it is useless to pump the gas in a fuel injected truck the pedal only controls the intake of air not the gas

How does the secondary air injection system work?

An air pump pumps in fresh air into the exhaust system before the catalytic converter to help the cat converter burn unburned fuel = cleaner emissions.

A 91 geo metro the guy said it makes a putt putt noise while running but its still drivable What could be wrong with the car He said someone told him it had a blown headgasket or burned exhaustvalves?

The sound you are hearing is most likely the air pump(aka smog pump) pulsing air into the system to help lower the exhaust emissions. If you know where the smog pump is located, put your hand on the pump and you should feel it "pulse" to the sound you are hearing. The sound you are hearing is most likely the air pump(aka smog pump) pulsing air into the system to help lower the exhaust emissions. If you know where the smog pump is located, put your hand on the pump and you should feel it "pulse" to the sound you are hearing.

What is an air pump?

An air pump is a pump which transmits air into or out of something.

Which fuse controls the fuel pump?

the fuel pump fuse