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What is the air to fuel carburetor ratio in a 1969 Ford F100?


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14.7 to 1 is the sweet spot.

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the firing order for 1969 ford f100 240 six cylinder is 153624 i know this because i just rebuilt one.

In some 1982 Ford f100 trucks I know they have a 4.10 Gear ratio like my truck but with that gear ratio if you go over 55 mph you can say goodbye to your gas mileage so get a smaller gear ratio.

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I would check the point gap and timing first. If that does not correct it, I would check the carburetor float level.

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Yes, but it only has 105 hp from the 1982 f100.

Ir is rare for sure. How rare is hard to say, but this is not your common 1976 Ford F100.

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depends on engine generaly,if it has been rebuilt ,but i recomend castrol 10w-40 high milage

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all f100 lug patterns are 5x5.5 unless they have been changed

The 2001 Ford Explorer doesn't have a carburetor - it's uses fuel injection.

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