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Most alcohol prep pad are usually Isopropyl Alcohol. There are used for disinfecting stuff. For example, you would want to use it on your stethoscope before and after using it on someone, or o your skin to clean a spot to insert a needle. It's used for cleaning because it kills bacteria and evaporates quickly.

They are also flammable, so you can use them to help you start a fire. It's also good for cleaning electronics, since it evaporates quickly and leave little to no residue.

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Q: What is the alcohol prep pad used for?
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How do you dissolve ECG pad adhesive on your skin?

Use rubbing alcohol or an alcohol prep swab.

Can you knock out a person with an alcohol Prep pad?

ROFLMAO..... *wiping eyes* ..... whew! ... OK ....No, rubbing alcohol is not an anaesthetic. You could make them sneeze.

What can be used instead of betadine for a skin prep?


Do alcohol prep pads numb?

No, alcohol prep pads that don't say numbing, do not numb when getting pierced or tattooed. You can request to be numbed before a piercing or tattoo with numbing cream, or numbing alcohol prep pads.

Is there a List of prescription Medications that can give you a false positive blood alcohol count?

No, however, im a phlebotomist and i can tell you if its a blood test, using isopropyl alcohol to prep the venipuncture sight should not be used if blood is used to test, otherwise no

Will denatured alcohol work as painting prep?

It may do a partial de-greasing, but that's about it.

Does placing alcohol pad deliver maximum current during defibrillation?

No it doesn't. Making sure the chest is dry before pad placement will assure proper current flow. The alcohol pad could catch fire during the shock.

Can you clean newly pierced ears with alcohol prep pads?

No. You should just buy some normal piercing alcohol from clairs or something.

What type of liquids will remove permanent marker off of a hard surface?

Rubbing alcohol, works great. Alcohol prep pads or plan rubbing alcohol on a Cotton ball.

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What is aquamatic pad?

pad used to capture discharge from patients

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