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The all-seeing eye is a symbol that is interpreted to representing the eye of God watching over mankind. It is the Luciferian symbol meaning to have power, control and money.

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Are there Masonic symbols on US currency?

There are symbols on United States currency that are also used symbolically within Freemasonry. Examples include the All-Seeing Eye and the eagle.

Why is currency important to trading?

Currency is important to trading because that is how countries make their profits on imports and exports. Countries such as China, India, Japan which heavily engage in import/export with the US keep a close eye on their currency valuation.

Is black stone the vagina of Allah?

Yes . It is the v.... of the Shiva . The crusher . The destroyer . The simple for anti God . Or the evil and lewd stepmother that her verginity is torning . Dissenting the allseeing eye of christ the savior the cyclops . And she just beaten by himself .

The currency of the US?

The currency of the United States is the US Dollar

Is Brazil's currency the same as the us currency?

NoThe currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real.The currency of the USA is the US dollar.Most countries in the world have their own currency.

Does the US Have a fiat currency?

Yes, the US Dollar is a fiat currency

How is it different from US currency from antarctica?

Antarctica has no national currency, while the US currency is broadly recognized as a currency benchmark for work economics.

What currency is being used in the US?

The official currency of the United States is the US dollar.The international currency code is USD.

What is the motto written on all US Currency?

"In God we trust" is on US Currency.

Where can l exchange Budapest currency for us currency?

You can exchange Budapest currency for US currency at most banks that exchange foreign currency. You can also make this exchange at places like currency kiosks at international airports.

What is unit of currency in the US today?

the currency is the dollar

Where can you trade your pesos for US currency?

At a currency exchange

What is the currency of china and US of America?

what is the currency of china

What is 49.50 UK currency in US currency?


What currency is used in the US?

The basic currency used in the United States is the US dollar.

The great seal of the US sHow is the eye of god watching over the country from the top of the great pyramids of this form of currency?

A one dollar bill.

What is the currency of US?

US Dollars

What is china currency compared to us currency?

China's currency is called yuan renminbi. One us dollar is equal to 6.58 renminbi.

What is France currency compared to US currency?

France uses the Euro. The US uses the dollar.

What is the currency in puerto rico?

U.S. currency or the US Dollar.

What is the currency of the Marshall Islands?

The currency in use is the US Dollar

Does Denmark accept US currency?

No. The currency of Denmark is the Krone.

What foreign currency is closest to US Currency?

Pounds too.

What currency did the Irish immigrants use?

US currency of course

What currency do US use?

What currency do USA use?!?!?!?!?!

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