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600 meters

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Clovis was the first germanic king to what

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Q: What is the altitude above sea level of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia?
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What is the population density of Riyadh Saudi Arabia?

Above 3,000 per sq. km. There is no certain figure because population figures are uncertain, and disagreement exists about the area of Riyadh (which is both a city and a province).

Is Lebanon in Saudi Arabia?

no, it's in lebanon. right above israel

Is the king of Saudi Arabia above the law?

Yes. All Monarchs, that are heads of state are above the law. The British Monarch, the Spanish Monarch, the Saudi Monarch, the Japanese Emporer etc.

What is the importance of Saudi Arabia's location on the Persian gulf?

First off, its geographical location has the largest natural stockpile of petroleum (oil), so Saudi Arabia in essence is the biggest player on the oil market (but its not the only one). In addition, its right next to Kuwait, another country with large stockpiles of oil, and since Iraq is right above Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia served as a strategic military area during the Iraq war. Not only that, since Iran is close to Saudi Arabia as well, U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia serves to control Iran's influence in the region. For the Western World, Saudi Arabia is the key "middleman" in controlling terrorism in the Middle East (especially in nations like Yemen). Then if you go back in time, the Islamic world centered itself on Saudi Arabia; one of Islam's 5 pillars requires Muslims to do a haj, or a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, at least once in their lifetime. For Muslims, Saudi Arabia=Mecca=Haj=VIP (very important place)

What country is above Yemen?

Saudi Arabia is the large country to the north, while Oman lies to the north east.

Where did Gabriel talk to Muhammad?

Gabriel first appeared to Muhammad while he was meditating in a cave above Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

About Where is Egypt?

It's beside the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and it's above Sudan. It's also beside Israel and Saudi Arabia.

What is the monetary unit of Saudi Arabia equal to one hundredth of a rial?

It is called "Hilalah". I think the above is incorrect, it is called Halala.

What country has a Coin with 7 leaf palm tree above crossing swords and its worth 25 something?

Saudi Arabia 25 Halala

You are a dentist you want information regarding MOH licensing exam for dentists to practice in Saudi Arabia?

you have to get a 3.5 grade or above to become a dentist

In what country is Kuwait located at?

KUWAIT is a country itself and it is located under IRAQ and above KINGDOM SAUDI ARABIA and it lies near the Persian gulf .

Altitude is the angle measured above the?

Altitude is the angle measured above the horizon.

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