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What is the amero?

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Amero is the new dollar the government is creating for Can,US, and Mexico when the boarders are no more by 2010. An Amero is the name for the currency that is planned to replace the currency of Canada, the United States and Mexico, at least in theory. This would be the money that is used for the North American Union in the same way that the Euro is used for Europe today. Certain people believe that the Amero will be brought into play by the United States purposefully crashing the dollar and then suggesting the solution of the Amero as the replacement money.

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When was Emilio Amero born?

Emilio Amero was born in 1901.

When did Emilio Amero die?

Emilio Amero died in 1976.

When did Triston Jay Amero die?

Triston Jay Amero died in 2008.

Where is Amero?

There is no place called "Amero." The Amero is the name of a hypothetic currency for a hypothetical monetary union of Canada, the US, and Mexico modeled after the Euro and the European Union.

When did Lem Amero die?

Lem Amero died in 1989 of AIDS related illness.

When was Marcello Amero D'Aste born?

Marcello Amero D'Aste was born on 1853-04-01.

When did Marcello Amero D'Aste die?

Marcello Amero D'Aste died on 1931-09-17.

What is the exchange rate between the dollar and amero?

Probably $2 USD.

Where can one learn about amero?

One can learn more about Amero in a number of ways. One could visit a North American currency museum, view instructional videos online or one could purchase a book about Amero.

What is the population in amero?

337667 people

Is America going to change over to the amero soon?


What was the agreement between the US Canada and Mexico?

The creation of 'Amero'

Could the US be planning to introduce a new currency like the amero?


What party wasAmero Susan elected?

Amero Susan was elected by the National resistant movement party.

When will there be Amero currency?

The Amero is a proposed idea for a shared currency between Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. The idea is based on the Euro model whereby several European Union member states swapped their currency for a single shared currency called the "Euro". There are currently no specific plans to introduce the currency, nor would the currency necessarily be called the Amero. Arguemts for say it would strengthen the lagging US economy, and increase cross border trade. Arguments against include fears the US would dominate the currency to its own advantage. There have been rumors spreading around the internet that Amero coins are already being minted, however the coins displayed along side these rumors are actually fantasy collectible coins which are created by private companies.

What has the author Adriana Martinelli written?

Adriana Martinelli has written: 'Garibaldi ti amero' -- subject(s): Biography, Relations with women, Revolutionaries

What is an amero dollar?

The Amero is currency being made to replace the American Dollar,Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso. It will be currency that can be used in all three nations. This is a scheme to have a one world government controlled by banks,the super wealthy, and goverment. The plan is to eventually have a one world other words a big freaking mess to say the least.

What is an Amero dollar worth today?

Amero is a hypothetical currency for the North American union, the economic and monetary union of the three principal countries of North America, namely Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Implementation would probably involve the three countries giving up their current currency units (Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar, and Mexican pesos) and adopting a new one, created specifically for this purpose.Currently the worth of this currency is not known but it's definitely going to have a greater value than US dollar.

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Nevado del Ruiz killed about 23000 people in 1985 in November 13th. Only about 5000 out of the original 28000 people living in the nearby city of Amero survived

How many people died in the nevado del ruiz eruption?

the nevado del ruiz volcano killed about 23000 people on November 13th.Only about 5000 out of the original 28000 people living in the nearby city of amero survived. The volcano also injured 5000 people.

Is the amero good?

For many people it is. For others, it's a horrible Idea. The Amero is our new North American Curreny. Like the European Union, Instead of Euros We are using Ameros. It has some good parts and some bad. The good part is, It might help us overcome this Economy Crisis. Which i think it doesn't depend on a new type of currency but on us. If the New North American Dollar is worth more than euros, this will probably devaluate other countries' money. The American Dollar is now Devaluating a little but many people think by using this new currency, it might worth a lot. We´ll see what will be of us in a few Years. Good day.

How much will 1 USD be worth in the new Amero and-or New World currency?

Lets say 5 dollars because you have figure in the cost to bank a new currency that could redefine our banking and finance. They lease this currency to new emerging banks that can offer refinancing to make it a 1 dollar US. Pays everybody and ya easy peasy.

What do Nomlaki people wear?

Seriously? They wear normal Amero/European clothes, just like everyone else in America. If you mean HISTORICALLY, I don't know, but maybe if you google nomlaki traditional clothing you might find something. Probably their clothing came from the natural world around them, skins and such.

What are the advantages of Mexicans illegally migrating to the US?

It gives the American government a "reason" to scream "illegal alien" and force every American, Mexican and Canadian to get micro-chipped. This is purposely being allowed for this very reason. It's in order to form the North American Union (the planning started way back in 1942), and it will use the "Amero" as the currency.

What is an Amero?

It is the hypothetical currency that a "North American Union" between Canada, the United States and Mexico would use. Right now however, a "North American Union" with the Amero as currency is impractical, and at least for the next 20 years, such union and currency are the stuff of conspiracy theories. Canada and the United States are very well integrated on economic, cultural and demographic terms (both are developed countries with common cultural traits). A North American Union is almost impossible to implement at this time, due to Mexico's characteristics. From an economic point of view, Mexico is a developing country, with a much lower income per capita than either Canada or the U.S. A Mexican earns on average a third of what a Canadian does and a quarter of what an American earns (US 13,500 vs 38,300 vs 46,400). If Mexico is ever integrated into such union, many issues would arise, such as trying to absorb 47 million workers (the Mexican workforce) and level up their wages. The easiest way to level the wages of all three countries would be to lower the wages of Americans and Canadians alike; this of course is a major stopper for such integration. Another problem is the Mexican laws. They differ greatly from Canadian and American laws, and although this theoretically should not be an issue, it could have a great impact on the three economies. For instance, Mexican environmental laws are much more relaxed. This would prompt many industries in Canada and the States to migrate to Mexico, thus implying a great job loss. Many Unions in Canada and America are making their best to stop such kind of integration.