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I don't know but I think 5n

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Q: What is the amount of force exerted by the tree on the student?
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What is the amount of force exerted by a tree on a student?

I don't know but I think 5n

What forces are exerted when a bird perches on a tree?

please, i need an answer

A 2.5g bullet traveling at 350ms hits a tree and slows uniformly to a stop while penetrating a distance of 12cm into the tree's trunk What force was exerted on the bullet in bringing it to rest?

A 3.0-g bullet traveling at 350 m/s hits atree and penetrates a distance of 12 cm. What was the average force exerted on the bullet in bringing it to rest?

An apple at the top of a tree is pulled by earths gravity with a force of 1n another apple rests at the top of another tree that is twice as tall as the first one would the force of gravity on the app?

-apple in the second tree be 1/4 as strons as that of the first. P l e a s e answer! help a fellow A+ student out

Is pushing against an immovable object is an example of work?

when force is applied and work is done In order to accomplish work on an object there must be a force exerted on the object and it must move in the direction of the force. for example if u climb a tree u are doing work and force is applied

What kind of forces are exerted on a leaf that has just fallen from a tree?

osama bin laden forces

Why is friction different from other forces?

Friction is the force exerted on a body when the body pushes against the microscopic obstacles in its path. Therefore , it is basically a reaction to the force exerted by the body.It comes into play when a body moves on a surface which is not completely even ,even at the microscopic level. Another difference is that the friction force is constant beyond a threshold for a given homogeneous surface,even if we increase speed of the body. Friction is essential for our movement and to keep in place things such as a knot. The resisting force employed usually by the resisting obstacles is the electromagnetic force.

What is the average amount a tree produces?

Amount of what?

When a car hits into a tree which is the force the car or the tree?

sometimes both

What is the normal amount of apples for an apple tree to grow?

Depends on the size of the tree. A mature tree can produce 150+

Is a bike leaning against a tree a balanced force?


What force did Newton discover when he saw apple from a tree?