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All 4 corners of a rectangle are 90 degree angles.

If they aren't, then it's not a rectangle.


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A square corner is a 90° angle which is called a "Right angle".

A corner of 90 degrees is a right angle

The angle at which the car is approaching the corner

angle is a corner of something for e.g. 90degress

90 degrees, or a right angle.

With a small square in its corner

right...Each corner of a square is called a "right angle" and measures 90 degrees with a protractor.a 90o angle, also called a right angle

Depends on the corner. I live opposite a school where all classrooms are hexagonal, so the angle at the corner of the wall (between two walls) is 120 degrees.

All right angle triangles have a square corner

Each angle in a square is 90 therefore each angle is a right angle.

A standard sheet of paper has a right angle at each corner.

A corner of the page of a book

There is no special angle and so it does not have a specific name.

A square has FOUR right angles. Each corner is a right angle.

The corner of a normal sheet of paper is 90 degrees. So an angle of the hexagon is obtuse if you can put the corner of the sheet on a vertex of the hexagon and the angle of the hexagon is bigger.

an acute angle is an angle that is smaller than a straight angle (a straight angle is an angle that is perfect,in other words you can perfectly fit a corner of a papaer into it) :)

if you double a 45 degree angle you have a perfectly perpendicular angle, a 90 degree square corner.

Yes. The corner distance is the flat/sin angle (of diameter to flat vertex) For hexagon angle is 60 degrees and corner = 1.1547 x flat For octagon angle is 67.5 degrees and corner = 1.0824 x flat

It looks like a corner. 90 degrees. also a right angle

If it is 90 degrees. This means that it looks like the corner of a square or a rectangle.

No. A right angle looks like a corner and is 90 degrees.

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