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What is the angry birds epic activation code?


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Questions regarding software license violations - to include key generation codes to enable one to get for free services which are intended to be paid for - are not permitted on this side.

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The object of Angry Birds is to try to get 3 stars and kill the pigs. The object of Angry Birds depend on the game. Angry Birds, AB Seasons, AB Space, AB2: Pop all pigs using your sling and retrieve the eggs. AB GO!: Race to the Top 1st! AB Epic Objective 1: Pop Pigs and earn your power back while recruiting more birds and rescuing the eggs. AB Epic Objective 2: Chronicle Cave: Reach into the deepest parts of the cave. AB Epic Objective 3: Arena: Beat other birds around the world to the Top 1st! AB Epic Objective 4: Dungeons: Reach into the treacherous dungeons and clear the site. AB Epic Objective 5: World Bosses: Destroy the World Boss as fast as you can to save Piggy Island! AB Star Wars, AB Star Wars II Objective 1: Restore peace in the galaxy and defeat the Sith Pigs. AB Star Wars II Objective 2: Overpower the Jedi Birds and rule the galaxy. AB Friends: Pop Pigs and earn scores to beat players globally! AB Transformers: Save Piggy Island from the EggBots transforming everything! AB POP!: Pop bubbles that the pigs have made by messing up using Stella's special bubble wand and save hatchlings. And pop more piggies on the way. AB Fight! Objective 1: Beat other players globally to discover more islands and unlock your flock. AB Fight! Objective 2: Beat bosses to clear out the area. AB Fight! Objective 3: Defeat Dr. Pig, King Pig and their minions and save a poor piggy in a test tube. AB Action: Become a wrecking ball and overpower the pigs while saving eggs, hatchlings and your precious soccer goals! AB Blast: Save the birds from balloons and pop pigs and pig balloons on the way! Also save eggs trapped in HOT-AIR balloons. Edit by Piggy McCoolシ

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