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That is an excellent question, one we wanted to know as well. So we searched our database in our retail store to determine on average how much people spent to keep their pool sanitized for a season. We used people who purchased all their sanitizers from us and we are talking about a mid Atlantic season, specifically southeastern Virginia. Our season on average runs from April to November. Here is what we came up with based on a 30,000-gallon pool. Using stabilized chlorine tablets the average usage was $313.37 per season. Using Soft Swim (aka Baquacil) the average usage was $356.82 per season. Using a Salt Generator the average usage was $158.04. These price are reflective of 2004 chlorine prices last year the Federal Government imposed import fees on Chinese chlorine products and the price of Stabilized chlorine has jump about 20% this year from 2004 prices so the savings my be greater. This does not take into account the convenience factor there is very little maintenance with a Salt Generator. 2 key things you should do on a weekly basis. 1-Test your water with a test kit make sure you have enough chlorine in the pool if not turn your unit up and if you have to much turn it down. 2-Check your pH level to make sure it is within 7.4-7.6 range the by-product of the chlorine production is a slight increase in the pH level. About once a week sometimes you can go as long as 2-3 weeks you will need to put some pH decreaser in the pool. Because the Salt Generator is shocking the pool water as the chlorine is made there is not need to shock the pool on a routine basis. It is as simple as that. Answer salt vs chlorine cost This all depends on the size of the pool the water temperature the air temperature,How many hours a day your cover is off and the time of day it is off and of course how many bathers get into a the pool and whether or not they bathed before hand.

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Q: What is the annual cost of a salt water pool versus a chlorine pool?
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How much does it cost to change a salt water pool to a chlorine pool?

It doesn't cost any thing. You don't even have to change the water, Just turn the chlorinator of and start adding chlorine like you do in an ordinary pool. The only difference between a salt water pol and a chlorine pool is that a salt water pool uses a chlorinator to make its own chlorine. a fresh water pool has the chlorine added.

What is the main cost involved in making chlorine?

Answ2. Commercial production of chlorine is performed by the electrolysis of salt water. The electricity would be a major cost.

What does chlorine cost?

chlorine cost 2.5cents per gram

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What is the cost of chlorine gas?

The cost of chlorine depends on the size of the cylinder and who the manufacturer is. As of 2006, gas chlorine in a 150-lb cylinder was listed at $1.01 per pound, not including freight. The cost of chlorine gas in a 1-ton cylinder, including freight, was $0.36 per pound. This does not take into account the capital costs of equipment to safely deliver the gas into water stream for disinfection. As of 2006 and into the present time chlorine gas is still the lowest priced method of chlorine disinfection of water.

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Wastewater is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria However chlorine can be toxic to certain fish that live in the ocean Why does this most likely add to the cost of cleaning water?

C.Water must have the chlorine removed before it is dumped back into the ocean.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of salt water pools?

Salt water with a chlorine generator generally results in smoother feeling water and smoother skin on exiting, like soft-water bathing. You also do not see or feel residual chlorine when the water dries. If the chlorine generator requires more than 3500 ppm salt content in the water, the water will taste unpleasant if you swallow it by mistake. In addition, the salt could cause things to rust quicker. Chlorine generators also cost more money.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of salt water pool systems?

The only disadvantage of a salt system is the initial cost. Other than that they are better in every way than adding chlorine to your pool. The level of chlorine in a typical salt pool is always lower, the water feels nicer. The chlorine that you add has additives (Caustic Soda for example) the salt systems do not. You will no longer have to buy, transport or store chlorine. On the long run a salt system will cost less to maintain than a typical chlorine pool.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of chlorine for pool maintenance?

The disadvantages are: The cost of chlorine, going to the store to pick it up, storing and handling it. Also, the effects of manual chlorination are dried-out skin, hair damage, swimsuit damage, chlorine odors on skin, red eyes etc. The advantage of chlorine is that it is the BEST KNOWN sanitizer/oxidizer for water, without exception. The advantage of a Saline Purification System is that you get the advantage of 'chlorine' itself, but NONE of the disadvantages of chlorine. It's a no-brainer to convert your pool to the saline system and get all your chlorine for virtually no cost (maybe $5-$10 per year in salt cost) and get none of the nasty disadvantages of manually added pool-chlorine.

How much does chlorine cost and for how much?

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How much does a gallon of chlorine cost?

about $6.99

Can you use regular chlorine in a swimming pool?

What do you mean by "regular chlorine"? You can use chlorine products such as Clorox, but they are not as concentrated as chlorine products for pools. It is more cost effective to use chlorine from a pool store.

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of a salt water and chlorine pool?

A salt water pool has a chlorine generator that is installed on the pipe leading from the filter to the pool. The chlorine generator electronically separates chlorine gas out of the salt which is then dissolved into the water, automatically maintaining chlorine levels. Advantages of salt water pool: Salt water pools are more pleasant to swim in, as the water is softer, and it is less uncomfortable to open your eyes underwater. You are also spared having to handle and store chlorine at home. Salt is also less expensive than chlorine. Disadvantages of salt water pool: Salt water pools are more expensive. The salt attracts calcium buildup on the side of the pool, and it causes corrosion on metal pool surfaces. Also, in order to operate properly, the pump must remain on at all times, and this can increase your utility bill. Advantages of chlorine pool: Chlorine pools are generally less expensive, even with the added cost of chlorine over salt. They don't cause calcium buildup or corrosion. Disadvantages of chlorine pool: When swimming in a chorine pool, the chlorine can irritate your eyes and dry out your skin and hair. It can also require more upkeep as you maintain proper chlorine and pH levels.

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How much does chlorine cost per pound?


What does 100 grams of chlorine cost?


Is Clorox bleach safe to use in swimming pools?

Yes, except that Clorox bleach (or any other grocery-store liquid chlorine bleach) is not very concentrated. It would cost a LOT to add enough Clorox to be effective in a swimming pool. The chlorine granules sold specifically for sanitizing water in hot tubs or swimming pools are much more cost-effective. For the record, chlorine is poisonous in high concentrations, whether in the form of gas, granules or liquid. But when properly diluted in a swimming pool (or municipal water supply), chlorine is safe.

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