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The annual estimated mileage calculations stand at 15,000 miles per year. There are no adjustments made for individual cities.

Answeri read that people in gearogia have the highest annual miles on cars than in any other state it was said to be 22,000 miles a year avearage
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Q: What is the annual mile average in Atlanta Georgia?
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How many miles from Atlanta Georgia to Bogota Colombia?

1 mile

What capital city is 500 mile to the northeast of Atlanta Georgia?

Richmond, VA

How many miles is it from Atlanta Georgia to Fairbanks Alaska?

It is 4,232.86 mile according to MapQuest.

What is the road mile distance between Atlanta Georgia and Biloxi Mississippi?

The distance between Atlanta GA and Biloxi MS is about 390 road miles.

How far is Ames Iowa from Atlanta Georgia?

About 15 hours of driving time for that 935 mile trip.

Is Georgia State University in the City of Atlanta?

yes it is less than one mile from the capitol building downtown

What is halfway between Cincinnati Ohio and Atlanta Georgia?

About a mile south of Lake City, Tennessee is your halfway marker.

How many people can the atlanta motor speedway hold?

Atlanta Motor Speedway is a track in Hampton, Georgia, twenty miles south of Atlanta. It is a 1.54-mile quad-oval track with a seating capacity of 111,000.

What is the stipend for serving on the Fulton County Grand Jury in Atlanta Georgia?

$40 per day, plus $4.85 per mile.

What is the average mileage reimbursement rate in Georgia?

As of 2014 the average mileage reimbursement in Georgia is 56 cent per mile. Mileage allowance changes often and can vary by company.

What are some hotels near the coca cola headquarters in atlanta?

These hotels are all within about a mile or so of Coke's HQ in Atlanta:Hampton Inn Atlanta-Georgia Tech-DowntownGeorgia Tech Hotel and Conference CenterHotel Palomar Atlanta Midtown - a Kimpton HotelRenaissance Atlanta Downtown HotelThe Regency Suites Hotel MidtownHotel Indigo Atlanta MidtownThe Georgian Terrace HotelResidence Inn by Marriott Atlanta Historic MidtownCourtyard Atlanta Midtown/Georgia Techhotel midtownMarriott Atlanta Suites MidtownLoews AtlantaW Atlanta DowntownTWELVE Centennial ParkSavannah Suites Pine Street

What states included areas that produced more than forty-five bales of cotton per square mile in 1860?

Mississippi, Atlanta , Georgia

What is the driving distance in INCHES between Dallas TX and Atlanta GA?

The distance between Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia:Using I-20: 781mi1 mile = 63360 inches; therefore, 781mi = 49,484,160 inches

What mile marker is at the Florida Georgia state line on Interstate 75?

Georgia mile marker 0. Florida mile marker 471.2.

How many square mile in Georgia?

The answer depends on whether it is Georgia, US or Georgia in Europe.

What is the square mile in Georgia?

The US state of Georgia has an area of 65,498 square miles.

Where is 33 degrees North and 84 degress West?

That point is located about 0.26 mile west of SR-83 and 0.27 mile north of Renouf Rd, not far from Forsyth in Monroe County, Georgia. It's 4.46 miles southwest of Sheriff Bittick's office in the county building in Forsyth, and about 56 miles southeast of the Georgia State Capitol in downtown Atlanta.

How many air miles from Atlanta to Aruba?

Sorry there is no such thing as an "air mile". The term you are looking for is Nautical Miles. Which is 1 nautical mile= 1 mile + 800 feet. Total Nautical Miles from Atlanta, GA to Aruba, Netherland is 4357.95nm or 5015.038mi.

How many miles from atlanta airport to Paris France airport?

it's roughly 1 mile from Atlanta to Paris. (lol)

Is a 5 48 an average mile time?

5:48 is definitely above average for a mile time. An average mile time would be anywhere from 7-8 minutes.

How many squire mile of Georgia?

59441 square miles.

What is an average time for a mile in middle school?

the average time to run the mile in middle school is 9.58

What is the road mile distance between Atlanta and Tallahassee?

265 road miles.

What is the road mile distance closestpoint from i95s to atlanta ga?

about 240 miles

How many mile from Georgia to Nevada?

From Georgia to Nevada is 2,392 miles which will take you one day and eighteen hours.