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What is the answers in moles of 11.8Ar?

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Are you asking for moles of Calcium, moles of Oxygen, moles of Hydrogen, or moles of calcium hydroxide? The respective answers are .161991414, .323982829, .323982829 , and .161991414 moles. For an explanation, see the following question: How_many_moles_of_calcium_are_in_15.5_g_calcium_chloride

I suppose that the answers are: - 0,9 moles aluminium ions - 2,7 moles chloride ions

If you are talking about dinitrogen (N2), then this is the answers.? mol= 42 g * 1 mol/28.02 g = 1.50 moles

It just grows naturally. Like, regular moles. You see them everyday. They grow until death. I hope it answers your question because if you see moles on your arm, you see them on your behind. :p

Unless someone else answers, please indicate what you mean by MX when you resubmit your question.

The collective nouns for moles are:a company of molesa labour of moles (or labor)a movement of moles

There are three kinds of (mammalian) moles: moles, golden moles, and marsupial moles. Moles are 2.4 to 22 cm long. Golden moles are 8 to 20 cm long. Marsupial moles are 12 to 16 cm long.

10.0 moles oxygen is 10.0 moles oxygen

The possessive form of the plural noun moles is moles'.Example: The moles' burrows can be identified by the dirt mounds.

3 moles of water molecules.6 moles of hydrogen atoms.3 moles of oxygen atoms.30 moles of electrons.30 moles of protons.etc.

3.3 moles of K2S 3.3 moles of S-2 6.6 moles of K+1

To determine the number of moles of Fe that can be made from 25 moles of Fe2O3, you need to write the balanced chemical equation for producing O2 from Fe2O3. 2Fe2O3 = 4Fe + 3O2, which means that 2 moles of Fe2O3 will produce 4 moles of Fe and 3 moles of O2 . Set up a proportion. 3 moles of O2 ÷ 2 moles of Fe2O3 = x moles of O2 ÷ 25 moles of Fe2O3 Cross multiply and divide. 3 moles of O2 * 25 moles of Fe2O3 ÷ 2 moles of Fe2O3 = 37.5 moles of O2 produced.

3,7 moles of C8H11NO2 have 3,7 moles of oxygen (O2).

3.70 moles NaClO4 (4 moles O/1 mole NaClO4) = 14.8 moles oxygen

8 moles of Hydrogen molecules reacts with 4 moles of Oxgen molecules to produce 8 moles of water8 moles of Hydrogen atoms reacts with 4 moles of Oxgen atoms to produce 4 moles of water

4.56 moles Kr x 83.798 g/mole = 382.119 grams = 382 grams (to 3 significant figures)NOTE: You should not use more than 3 significant figures since 4.56 moles limits the precision. Thus the answers of 381.66g and 382.1188 g are incorrect.

0.615 moles Because the 13 is Carbon's atomic mass so 13.0g/moles Moles=Mass/atomic mass Moles=8.00/13.0= 0.615 moles

2.5 moles H2O (2 moles H/1 mole H2O) = 5 moles of hydrogen

17.32 moles H2O (2 moles H/1 mole H2O) = 34.64 moles hydrogen

There are two moles of hydrogen molecules and 4 moles of hydrogen atoms.

There are TWO moles of sugar are in 2 moles of sugar, what's the question?