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It began as an anti draft movement among the hippies and the flower children. As the US casualties mounted it became more and more widespread and began to appear on the evening news along with reports of Buddhist monks setting themselves aflame, young napalmed girls and an every increasing number of flag draped caskets returnin to the States. The draft resisters, evaders and dodgers increased in numbers as did the number of draft card burnings. The larger and more vocal the protests became, the more the government leaked about Laos and Cambodia. Suport of the Vietnam War collapsed and then ended.

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Q: What is the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War?
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Why did the Antiwar Movement happen?

Because Americans were against the Vietnam War.

How was the antiwar movement criticismed to the Vietnam?

The military draft was three fourths of the anti-war movement.

What were the motives of those in the antiwar movement?

To stop death and the horrors of the Vietnam war

What are the specific legacies involved in the antiwar movement of the Vietnam war?

The all Volunteer military.

What term describe the idea supported by American protestors that the US shouldn't be involved in the Vietnam war?

The antiwar movement

What term describes the idea supported by American protestors that the US shouldn't be involved in the Vietnam War?

The antiwar movement

What was the relationship between the American media and antiwar protest movements during the Vietnam War?

The American media contributed to the growth of antiwar movements by publishing stories describing the horrors of the fighting in Vietnam.

What are the similarities and differences between the antiwar movements of World War 1 and Vietnam?

There wasn't enough time for the anti-war movement to take hold during WW1, it only lasted a year for the US.

What describes the relationship between antiwar protesters and the silent majority during the Vietnam War?

The silent majority disagreed with the antiwar protesters but rarely discussed their opinions publicly.

Why did antiwar democrats protest the convention?

End to the Vietnam war

Why was there a strong anti war movement during the Vietnam war?

The draft.

Why is the civil rights movement and the anti war movement during the Vietnam war?

i really don't know

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