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The integral would be 10e(1/10)x+c

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What is the antiderivative of xex?

One can use integration by parts to solve this. The answer is (x-1)e^x.

What is the antiderivative of e to the 3x?

int(e 3x) = (1/3)e 3x ========

What is the antiderivative of e to the power of one divided by -x?

Powers of e are simple to integrate. The derivative of eu equals u'eu; inversely, the antiderivative of eu equals eu/u'. Therefore, the antiderivative of e1/-x equals (e1/-x)/{d/dx[1/-x]}. The derivative of 1/-x, which can also be expressed as x-1, equals (-1)x(-1-1) = -x-2 = -1/x2.

Integral of e to the power of x?

The antiderivative, or indefinite integral, of ex, is ex + C.

What is the antiderivative of e to the power of one divided by x?

1/ln(x)*e^(1/x) if you differentiate e^(1/x), you will get ln(x)*e^(1/x). times this by 1/ln(x) and you get you original equation. Peace

Is there any other anti derivative of 1 divided by x?

The antiderivative of 1/x is ln(x) + C. That is, to the natural (base-e) logarithm, you can add any constant, and still have an antiderivative. For example, ln(x) + 5. These are the only antiderivatives; there are no different functions that have the same derivatives. This is valid, in general, for all antiderivatives: if you have one antiderivative of a function, all other antiderivatives are obtained by adding a constant.

What is e raised to the 0th power?

e raised to the 0 power is 1

What is greater of e raised to pi and pi raised to e?

epi = 23.140692632779. pie = 22.459157718361. Thus, epi is greater.

Where was Josh Hutcherson born and raised?

E was born and raised in Union,Kentucky

How can you prove that yis equal to e raise to the power xlny?

Euler's constant, e, has some basic rules when used in conjunction with logs. e raised to x?æln(y),?æby rule is equal to (e raised to ln(y) raised to x). e raised to ln (y) is equal to just y. Thus it becomes equal to y when x = 1 or 0.

Is e minor higher or e major in guitar?

E major has a higher, raised third.

What has the author E Duckett written?

E. Duckett has written: 'Death and life in the tenth century'

What is the integral of e raised to x raised to 8?

(e^x)^8 can be written as e^(8*x), so the integral of e^(8*x) = (e^(8*x))/8 or e8x/ 8, then of course you have to add a constant, C.

Name of figure made up of more than one shpe?

e=mc2 multiplide by pie to the tenth degree of the sixth square

What is the anti derivative of e raised to 6?

Well the number e, raised to 6 (e^6) is just a number (a constant), so you integrate a constant times dx gives you that constant times x + C --> x*e^6 + C

What is the first derivative of e raised to the power of x?

The first derivative of e to the x power is e to the power of x.

Who was the tenth Governor of Maine?

The tenth Governor of Maine was Samuel E. Smith, who served in the role between January 5, 1831 and January 1, 1834.

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