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Q: What is the apo ae zip for Germany?
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How far is apo ae 09399 from apo ae 09356?

APO AE 09399 = Rhein Main AMT, Germany APO AE 09356 = invalid ZIP Code

What is the APO AE zip code for Tikrit?


What is the APO AE zip code for FOB Airborne Afghanistan?

OPSEC. You'll need to get the address from the unit's rear detachment or from your soldier.

Where is 60th Ord Company APO AE 09331?


Where is APO ae 09323?

APO = Army Post Office AE = U.S. Armed Forces in Europe and the Middle East 09009 = Ramstein, Germany

Where is APO AE 09701?

apo ae 09751

What country code is apo ae 09603?

That is a U.S. Postal Service address designation. APO is Army Post Office, and AE is (U.S.) Armed Forces in Europe, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East. However, 09316 is not a valid ZIP Code, although it is in the correct range for APO AE.

What country is APO AE 09021?

Ramstein (Air Force Base) in Germany

What country code is APO AE 09227?

APO AE 09227 is an address element for U.S. postal mail to a U.S. overseas military facility. APO stands for Army Post Office. AE is a "state" abbreviation for U.S. armed forces in Europe and the Middle East. 09227 is a ZIP Code for a specific military unit or facility.

What is the APO address for shindand?

Apo ae 09382

What are the zip codes for bagram air base?

Your recipient will give you an FPO or APO address that includes the zip code for the appropriate section of the facility, so that your recipient can receive USPO mail. Every FPO or APO zip code is different. APO = Army or Air Force Post Office; FPO = Fleet Post Office.

What is the zip code for Baumholder Germany?

If you want the German postal code it is 55774 The APO zip code is 09034