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Fluffy ears, Long tail has hair all over its body. Creepy looking

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What is thr jungle cat appearance?


What is the appearance to a Siamese cat?

it looks like a freaking cat with no hair

What number episode of Tom and Jerry is the cat concerto?

The Cat Concerto is the 29th appearance/episode of Tom and Jerry .

What are the features of a lion?

Cat like appearance, golden mane and fur.

How do you make an ocelot into a cat minecraft 1.4.7?

You feed them with raw fish, eventually they will be tamed, their appearance will change to that of a domestic cat.

What is the theme of the story the cat who thought she was a dog and the dog who thought he was a cat?

The theme of the story is that the importance of someone is in the inside not in their appearance

What is a blue and white cat?

A blue and white cat is not a breed it's the coloring of a cat! They are called blue and gray but in appearance they are gray and white! A blue and white cat is not a particular breed, just a blue cat with white.

Should your cat discharge blood?

Take the cat to the vet. The appearance of blood anywhere usually means there is something wrong. It is highly recommended the cat is taken to the vet.

How big are fox droppings?

The feces are about the size and appearance as those of a domestic cat.

What Decade was Felix the Cat introduced?

Felix the Cat's first appearance was in 1919

What is the appearance of lion?

A lion has the appearance of a large cat. The male has a long mane around his head and neck. They are light tan to yellow in color.

What are the differences between a cat and a hamster?

The differences between a cat and a hamster include:sizeweightappearanceappearance of their eyes and earssounds they makefurfur length and texturea cat can be polydactal but hamsters cannot have this unusual featurehamsters can birth more in a litter and bear litters more frequently

What best describes a jaguar?

Appearance: Orange cat with black dots. Attitude: Aggresive,mischevious.

Is a genet considered to be a type of Cat or is it a cat-like animal of another family?

Although catlike in appearance and habit, the genet is not a cat but a member of the family Viverridae, which also includes civets and mongooses.

What year was Felix the cat released?

Felix the Cat made his first appearance in the cartoon short entitled "Feline Follies" in 1919 . His first film , "Felix the Cat: The Movie" had a release date of 1991 .

Is it true that Felix the cat was the most popular cartoon until mickey mouse came out?

Felix The Cat enjoyed immense popularity prior to the appearance of Mickey The Mouse .

What Breed of Cat would Sylveon be if it was Real The eighth Eeveelution Fairy Type?

Eevee and it's eeveelutions are based on Fennec foxes. They only have a cat like appearance

What is a wild cat that looks like a bobcat?

The domestic cat that looks like a bobcat is a serval. Also, a wild cat that looks like a bobcat might be a lynx.

What is the geneder of a cat if its colors are brown black and white?

That is impossible to determine without further information on its appearance; if you need to know how to tell the gender of a cat, take it to your vet and watch them.

What is the difference between the uterus of a human and a cat?

Unlike the human female, the cat has a horned (bipartile) uterus. The uterus of the cat has the appearance of a Y, with the upper two branches being the uterine horns and the stem of the Y the body of the uterus.

What animal is Ratchet?

Ratchet is a lombax. Although cat-like in appearance, lombaxes are not cats. They come from the Polaris Galaxy.

What are cats appearance?

A cat is a smaller version of a lion, or any big cat. They have similar features. Sharp teeth, pointed ears, long fur, upright tails, and small feet.

Why are Foxes so cute?

They have a beautiful coat of fur and a bushy tail. What's more they have a half-cat half-dog appearance which makes both cat and dog-lovers find them adorable!

What is a ferrets appearance?

A ferrets' appearance is that of a long thin furry body. They're smaller than cats, but larger that guinea pigs usually. They are like a cross between a mouse and cat. They are similar to weasels and otters.

What is the name of Rachel Green's cat in Friends?

Rachel Green's cat is named "Mrs. Whiskerson." She made her first and only appearance in the episode called 'The One With The Ball.' She bought the cat for $1,000 as it reminded her of her Grandmother's cat, although Mrs. Whiskerson is a much more cranky and aggressive cat. Rachel eventually sells Mrs. Whiskerson to Gunther.

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