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What is the appropriate VERBAL response to the phrase en garde?

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pull out your weapon and get ready to defend yourself

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Is clockwork orange avant-garde?

It would be appropriate to refer to the movie as such.

What does En garde touche mean?

The French phrase "en garde touché" is a phrase used in sword fighting or fencing. The best translation to English would be to tell your opponent to "be on guard against the touch" of the sword.

Who was French avant-garde artist?

Avant-garde is actually a military term for advance gaurd. In Art History two French painters are viewed as avant-garde, Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet, they chose to depict contemporary life as opposed to the Historical themes considered appropriate at the time.

What is a sword fencing warning?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe your are referring to the French phrase "En garde", which translates in English to "On your guard".

What is a sentence for 'avant-garde'?

The avant-garde sometimes push social reforms.Igor Stravinsky is an avant-garde musician.

What does garde mean in french?

"Garde" means "guard." To guard is garder, a guard is un/une garde.

What is a habit garden?

what is a habit garde? what is a habit garde?

What has the author Barbara Garde written?

Barbara Garde has written: '\\'

How tall is Betty Garde?

Betty Garde is 5' 10".

Where can you buy La Garde wallets?

in the La Garde store! DA

How do you pronounce garde manger?

garde-man·ger [gard-mahn-zhey]

What is the area of Saint-Thomas-la-Garde?

The area of Saint-Thomas-la-Garde is 3,410,000.0 square meters.

When someone says en garde in French what do you say in French?

en garde

When was Jรธrgen Garde born?

Jørgen Garde was born on January 22, 1939.

When was Garde Gardom born?

Garde Gardom was born on 1924-07-17.

When was Axel Garde born?

Axel Garde was born on March 18, 1876.

When did Axel Garde die?

Axel Garde died on January 22, 1958.

When did Thomas Vilhelm Garde die?

Thomas Vilhelm Garde died in 1926.

When was Thomas Vilhelm Garde born?

Thomas Vilhelm Garde was born in 1859.

When was Rรฉmi Garde born?

Rémi Garde was born on 1966-04-03.

How are Environmental art and Avant Garde art alike?

Environmental art was avant-garde 30-40 year ago. Avant-garde is something new for its time. Impressionism was avant-garde in the 1870s, Expressionism about 1905, etc.

How can you use avant-garde in a sentence?

He was a member of an elite group, an avant-garde if you will. The artist's abstract renditions became popular with avant-garde collectors.

What is the definition of avant-garde?

It is a French phrase which means the forerunner. As an army advances, the units in the front are called the vanguard. However, units which have scouted ahead of the vanguard are called the "avant-garde" from the French word "avant" which means "before".Thus the vanguard is at the cutting edge of fashion, artistic expression or technology. But the avant-garde is ahead of the vanguard. They are doing the things which have not come into vogue but will in the future.Since it is enormously pretentious to claim that your work is avant-garde (since that means that you can foretell the future, and that you are so much cleverer than everyone else, who only understand what is going on now), most people who claim to be avant-garde is looked upon as pretentious. This is especialy true since many who claimed to be the avant-garde had no idea where the vanguard was going, and now look like poseurs.

What is 'Met-il en garde' when translated from French to English?

"Is he (issuing a) warning?" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Met-il en garde? The pronunciation of the present indicative in the third person masculine singular will be "mey-tee-law gard" in French.

How do you say a wardrobe in French?

"une garde-robe", pl. "des garde-robes"