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The phrase "mature bride" is misleading.

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Q: What is the appropriate wedding dress for a mature bride?
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Is it proper for the mother of the bride to wear a red dress when the brides dress has a lot of red in it doesn't that take away from the bride?

No woman going to the wedding should wear the exact color of the bride. In the case of this bride wearing a wedding dress with a lot of red in it then it is fine if the mother wears a more solid color of dress or it will take away from the bride. The bride is the focal point and thus, the wedding party and female guests should not dress in the colors of the bride.This is up to you, the bride. Oftentimes, the bride will want the mother of the bride to wear a dress that is complementary to the colors of the wedding. In this case, the secondary color of your wedding dress is red. So, it is appropriate for the MOB to wear a solid red dress or a dress that has red tones in it alongside another color or colors. This really does not take away from the bride's dress or the bride herself.

Would brown dress be appropriate for the mother of the bride for a May wedding?

that is not a cute color

Is it ok to wear off white to a wedding?

It is not etiquette to wear off white to a wedding as the bride is suppose to be the center of attention. A light tan or light peach colored dress is appropriate. Even though off-white is not as white as the bride's wedding dress it's poor etiquette.

Who buys the wedding dress?

The bride's parents buy the wedding dress and if they are not financially able too then it is up to the bride to provide her own dress.

What kind of a dress should you wear to a destination wedding?

Depends on the destination. For a Hawaiian wedding, a muumuu might be appropriate. If in doubt, discuss this with the bride.

How does the bride dress for an England wedding?

White dress

What is inappropriate to wear at a wedding?

If you're not the bride - a wedding dress.

Does the bride buy her own wedding dress?

Sometimes. She can also make her own wedding dress.

Is it bad luck for the groom to see the bride's wedding dress?

It is actually a myth that it's bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress or see his bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. The ritual is that the groom doesn't see the wedding dress on or off the bride before the wedding so he will be surprise at how beautiful she looks coming down the aisle.

Does the mother of the bride go to the dress rehearsal?

The mother of the bride goes to the church rehearsal where the wedding party practices what they should do and say and then there is generally a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner after which all members of the wedding party (including the parents of the bride and groom.) There is no dress rehearsal for most brides or wedding party, but the bride and her brides maids would have to go into the wedding shop where the wedding dress and brides maids dresses were purchased to be sure no extra alterations have to be made on any of the dress and the mother may attend this if she asks the bride (which is generally not a problem.)

What punishment can you give to a bride on her party?

the punishment you can give a bride on her wedding is to ruin her dress or mess up the wedding

Can a wedding dress have your name on it?

Not exactly. The wedding dress has to fit the bride's body shape and personality.Kate Middleton's wedding dress WAS Kate!

Is it bad luck for the groom to see the bride?

only if she is in her wedding dress before the wedding

Does bride buy wedding dress?

yes,the wedding dress is very important in your wedding .you can also order one friend and me often do it

What is the big deal about mother of the bride dress?

The mother of the bride is suppose to proudly represent her daughter on her special wedding day. It should never be a problem for the mother of the bride to buy a dress suited for the wedding. Some wedding shops or rental wedding shops will rent out dresses for the mother of the bride which would cost less.

Who pays for the brides wedding dress?

Bride or her parents.

Do men buy wedding dresses?

The father of the bride and the bridegroom can also buy the wedding dresses for the bride.

What does a Jewish bride wear?

The most beautiful white wedding dress.

What does the brides mother wear to the wedding?

It all depends on the bride who sets the theme, formality, colors of the wedding, etc. It is a formal wedding, a long gown is customary and the colors or colors depends on the color motif of the wedding. It it is a semi formal or garden type wedding, a shorter dress like a tealength or kneelength is appropriate with a less heavy fabric. It all truly depends on the bride and her wishes. And you may buy a dress at

What is average cost of bride dress?

Depending on what the bride wants the average cost of a wedding dress (some on sale) can cost $650 up to $1200.

Where to find cheap wedding and brides maids dresses?

Shop around because due to the economy many wedding shops are having great sales with slashed prices on wedding dresses and brides maids dresses. Also the bride can rent her wedding dress and that of her bride maids. If a bride is lucky enough to have a good seamstress in the family and there is enough time allotted then they can have their wedding dress and bride maids dresses made.

Can I wear a white dress to a wedding?

Normally, you should not wear a white dress to a wedding as that is said to take the attention away from the bride.

What is the part of a wedding dress trails behind the bride?

A Train!

What does a white wedding dress represent?

It represent purity of the bride.

Have long chiffon dress. Color and style appropriate. Wondering about muted print. Cannot find information about wearing dress with print. Is it OK for the mother of the bride to wear this dress?

Yes, it is fine for the mother of the bride to wear a long chiffon dress in a muted color. Take your daughter's wedding dress and put it up against your dress. If the dress looks too muted and is white in color then you should not wear it because the bride should always be the focal point in the wedding; but if the dress looks fine and the muted print will show up when the photographer takes pictures then it's fine to wear.