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According to "The Blue Book of Gun Values" your rifle was manufactured in 1956. The Blue Book values your gun in the range of $130 to $160 for a gun in 60% to 80% of new condition for the standard mod. 94. There are a few collector models but from what you ask, yours sounds like the standard run 94. You may be able to obtain a higher selling price but price is determined by the buyer. See the related question concerning the value of a Model 94 >>>>

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Q: What is the approx value of a Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 Serial 2289843 in good condition?
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What is the approx. date of manufacture and value of a Winchester model 1890 serial number 105XXX in VG condition?

Very good original condition should be over $ 1000 to $ 3000 dollars

The age and approx value of a Winchester 12-12 serial 489078?


What would the value a Winchester model 94 serial number 1855151 be approx?


How old is a Winchester Model 1892 with serial number L31711 and what is its approximate value?

How old is a Winchester model 1892 s/n L31711 and what is its approx. value ?

How old is Winchester model 94 serial no 999388 approx value?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1927.In order to establish a value,you would need to include a detailed description of the rifles features(barrel length etc.) and the overall condition and finish of your model 1894 rifle.

What is the approx value of a serial 464514 Springfield 45-70 carbine in excellent condition?

that depends on overall condition...................

What year was my Winchester model 12 12 ga serial number 1250475 and its approx value?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun was made in the year 1950.I cannot give you a value inless you describe the overall condition of your shotgun and what type of barrel it has(plain,vent rib,or solid rib.).

What is the approx value of a Winchester model 290 22 cal rifle?

your Winchester model 290 in good condition should be in the range of 200-275 dollars.

What is age and approx value of your Winchester 32cwf model 92 saddle ring carbine serial number 929891 in original condition Some minor pitting on clean metal wood original with no damage?

50 Cents

What is the year of manufacture for Winchester 1897 12 gauge series D serial 416062?

Approx 1908.

When was Winchester model 1894 243243 rifle made and what is approx value?

made 1902. value depends on condition

What is the approx value of my 1981 model 94 Winchester 30 30?

Approoximately $200 to $400, depending on condition.

What is the approx value of a Winchester model 1873 serial no 237704B?

The value of your Winchester model 1873 rifle,which was made in the year 1887 would be hard to pinpoint.You have included a detailed description of its overall condition including the amount of original finish remaining on the rifle,the condition of the bore,and if any significant special order features were present.your serial number indicates that you have a Third model Winchester 1873 rifle.I would advise you to have your rifle inspected by a Member of the Winchester collectors assoc.and have them appraise your rifle for a certain value.I could also help with a detailed description of your rifle.

What is the approx date of manufacture of a 97 Winchester number 417349?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1897 pump action 12 gauge shotgun was made in the year 1909.

What is the value of a Winchester rifle and carbine model 94 30-30 consecutive serial nos. and in the original box never been fired manufactured approx 1970?

The are hundreds of special Winchester issues, and we really need more information to tell what you have. ONE of the combinations has serial numbers that start with MC. If your guns have that, they are valued at $3,500 for the pair in 100% condition.

What is the approx date of manufacture of a Winchester model 97 shotgun serial number 4147349?

You will need to check your serial number again.Winchester serial numbers for the Model 1897 shotgun only go as high as 1,024,700.

What is a Belgian Browning magnum serial 71v77678 age approx value Condition is outstanding?

500 USD

What is the age and approx value of a Winchester model 94 30-30 the serial number is 4225886 rifle was made in new haven conn top ejection port?

This rifle was manufactured in 1975. Its value will depend on condition, but won't exeed about $300.

What is the approx value of a Springfield dated1884 serial NO 38566 ex condition?

Your trapdoor, based on serial number, was made in 1875. Value in todays maket $600 - $1200 depending on overall condition.

What is a Winchester Super X worth?

Depends on the model and condition. Certain grades in new condition can fetch upwards of $1000 but a typical field grade gun in average condition has a value of approx. $250 - $400.

What is production date of Winchester Model 97 shotgun with serial number 735873 E?

approx. 1924 according to website:

What is the age and value and of a 30 WCF Winchester Model 64 serial 535527?

The Winchester Model 64 was serialized in the same range as the Model 1894, and since the Model 64 was not introduced until 1933 (over serial number 1000000) there is no Model 64 bearing the serial number you list. The Model 1894 (or '94') with that serial number is approx 1909.

What is the value of a Canadian 1967 One dollar bill?

in mint condition(uncirculated) with serial numbers approx. $ 3.00 depending on the dealer , without serial numbers $1.50

Colt single action Frontier Scout Long When made and Approx value Have case?

The serial number is needed and the condition of the weapon.

What is the age of a Winchester model 77 22LRifle tubular magazine with serial 5017 and how much does it worth?

The Winchester autoloader, Model 77 was manufactured between 1955 and 1963. Approx 217,000 units were manufactured over that nine year period.