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What is the approximate value and history of a Belgium made Browning 12 gauge serial 292926 with a choke on the barrel in good condition?

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2006-07-13 10:48:04
2006-07-13 10:48:04

The original question referenced a ventilated rib on this shotgun. PLEASE, people, if you change these questions make sure you include ALL the information given - it makes a difference. You have a Browning Superposed made by FN in Belgium for sale by Browning. It was made in 1961, and should be the 'round knob/long-tang' configuration. That means the pistol grip is rounded on the bottom instead of squared, and the trigger guard extends down the front of the pistol grip. These are collectable shotguns, and being a 20ga makes it a bit more valuable than a standard 12ga. Possible value, depending on condition, originality and features can approach $2000-$2500 (assuming it is a standard grade and not Pigeon, Diana, etc). The big question is whether the gun has 'salt wood.' Browning used a salt process to dry stock blanks during this time period and sometimes the salt would not be removed completely, causing the guns to corrode badly underneath the woodline. If you have a 'salt gun', value is going to be reduced by at least half. If the gun is going to be marketed, we'd be interested.

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