What is the approximate value of the governor's edition of the 1970 Franklin Mint states of the union series 24KT gold on sterling silver 500 grains?

As of today's prices May 7th 2010 the Gold and Silver calculates the cost structure of the year 1970 issue price / raw materials i.e. Gold and Silver, you will find that the ratios are 33-1 Gold and 18-1 Silver. (to the Original Costing).

Using the today's market raw material prices with Walnut 21" x 11-3/4" x 3" box and the housing materials this set is worth.................are you ready for this?

.....................$15,000+...just to produce the "Set" as the original.

39mm of 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver $277.25

The Franklin Mint would need to spend $15,000 just to be able to reproduce them at today's prices. Their selling price would contain today's margin of 18% to 27%.

$2,520 to $3,780.

Along with the fact the 1303 original sets issued are quite rare.

And the fact that their dies are no longer available.....just.....keeps adding value.

The asking price of $3000 was a steal.

For the guy with the set of 500 grain Sterling with no 24k

It is worth just in Silver alone ..........$1,000+