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well, have many collections and for the gun you are talking about if in good condition is worth around $2500 but in okay or bad condition it is worth around $700-$2000. it depends on who you are talking to. If the person posting the first reply is talking in US Dollars, I'd like to sell him a few guns. This gun is worth $100-$250, depending on condition, less if it is a basket case and a little more if like new.

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Q: What is the aprox value of a Riverside Arms Co 12gage double barrel shot gun open hammers pat dateFeb 10 1914?
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How old is a riverside arms shotgun double barrel 12 gauge with external hammers and only the numbers 3702?

80 years plus or minus...

Riverside arms 12Ga dbl barrel pat April 20 1915 all parts have forearm stock barrel and stock have 94003 stamped into it with no letters whats the age and worth of this old gun inside hammers?


Did Stevens make a 12 gauge double barrel with external hammers?

Yes in 1860 Stevens made a double barrel, all steel barrel and its has external hammers.

Is it normal that if the barrels are removed from a Riverside hammerless shotgun when in the fired position you can't put them back on?

The hammers need to be in the cocked position for the barrel set to close. You will need to insert a tool and lift the cocking piece from the front of the action below the breechface or remove the stock and manually cock the hammers in order to get the barrel set back on.

What is value of single barrel 12gage savage?

35-100 dollars depending on overall condition.

You have Stevens 12gage single barrel 1078 or 107B and am looking to buy a barrel for it need answers would be good?

Gun shop, gun show, want ad

What is value T C Montgomery double barrel exposed hammers?

The T C Montgomery double barrel shotgun with double barrel hammers is valued at $75 in fait condition. In good condition its valued at $160.

Where can you get a barrel for a Parker bros shotgun with hammers?


What is the value of a Crescent 12 Gauge Double Barrel with Curly Hammers?

What is the Value of my Crescent Fireams, 12 Gauge, Double Barrel, Curly serial number that I can find

Where can you find parts for riverside double barrel shotguns with exposed hammers?

What you have is a model 215 Riverside Double Barreled shotgun. There are only two models, the other one (315) has internal hammers. I recently obtained a model 215 and needed a new barell. I found a site that lists Riverside parts, but cannot vouch for them as I have not ordered yet. However, this is the only place I've found; It's Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. The link below will take you to the parts list for the Riverside double barreled shotgun.

Can you get an stock for a dbl barrel shotgun with hammers made by eclipse?


Double barrel shotgun with pull back side hammers?


What is a Double barrel King Nitro with hammers in good condition worth?

50 or so

Who has info Russian made 16 gauge double barrel with hammers?

You will have to contact the importer

What is the value of a riverside 12 gauge double barrel gun? dollars

How much is a royal gun works belgim double barrel shot gun that has to hammers?


What is the value of a 1965 Stevens double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with internal hammers?


What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Nitro King with 30 inch double barrel double triggers and double hammers serial number 24612?

i got a 12 gauge king nitro double barrel double triggers and double hammers no serial number on it

Is a Riverside Arms Co 12 gauge double barrel dated Feb 10 1914 a Damascus barrel?

If this is the model 215, the barrels are steel.

What size of shell can be used in a Riverside Arms Double Barrel Shotgun?

Depends on what is marked on the gun.

What is the value of a Colt double barrel with hammers 10 GA shotgun?

$700-$3500 depending on condition.

What is value of Ithaca classic 12 gauge bouble barrel double trigger?

double trigger and hammers

What is the value of Fca de Martin Amuatequi-Eibar 12 gage side by side with hammers?

Age and value fca de-martin 12ga double barrel with hammers and two triggers

Riverside arms 12 Ga Double Barrel Sn31974?

This a double barrel shotgun. This is my second favorite shotgun in the world. The reason why it is called 12 Ga double barrel is that the barrel in 12 inches long, and every two shots, it has to be reload.

What is the value of a H Pieper double barrel shotgun and history All it says on the gun is h pieper has two hammers...?

What is the value of a H Pieper double barrel shotgun and hiory All it says on the gun is h pieper Belgium's has two hammers...?it in 12ga 32/40

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What is the value of a 1914 Riverside Arms Company twelve gauge double barrel shotgun?

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What is the value of a riverside arms shotgun?

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