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I don't think they make .223 round ak47 magazines or ak47 round ar15's I've never even heard of a ak47 clip that fits an ar15

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Q: What is the ar15that accepts ak47 magazines?
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What is the clip size of an ak47?

magazines available in 20, 30 & 40 rounds

How much ammo does a ak47 have?

AK 47 magazines can be found in capacities ranging from one single round, to 100 round drum magazines. The "banana" magazines commonly used for military applications are 30 round magazines.

Is UTG compatible with Tokyo Marui?

In terms of most magazines on popular models such as the m16, m4, ak47, etc... yes.

What is a sks-m or a sks-d?

The D and M models accept AK47 magazines whereas the standard sks has an integral magazine.

How do you get the ak47 on bad compony 2?

there is no ak47 in bad company 2.

Can you get the AK47 in zombies black ops?

no. BUT there is a Ak47u which is the smaller version of an ak47.

Who invented the AK47 rifle?

The AK47 was invented by Mr.Kalishnakov, In the Soviet Union.

Where can you find pictures of an AK47?

click google and then click images and type ak47

What 9mm rifle takes SW 5906 magazines?

The Marlin 9mm Camp Carbine will accepts the S&W Mod 59 Magazine . Joe-R

Where can you get ak47 dgi-c in blackshot?

Ak47 dgi-c you can get when you reach first Lieutenant black....(ak47 dgi-c has less ammo than other ak's)

Where do you get a AK47 or AK47 on call of duty world at war final fronts?

under your mamas bed

What country is the ak47 originated?

The first AK47 was manufactured in the Soviet Union (Present Day Russia)