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Area = pi*r2 = 3217 sq inches to the nearest integer.

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-- Multiply (pi) by (diameter of circle)OR-- Multiply (pi) by (2 times radius of circle)-- Then round the product to the nearest whole number.

It depends on what the "32in" refers to: circumference, diameter, radius.

30.46 but round it to the nearest decimal and it will be 30.50

A circle with a radius of 4 units has a circumference of 25.13 units.

If you have the radius, then area = pi*r2 which you then round to the nearest hundredth. If you do not know the radius but do know the diameter or circumference, you can calculate the radius. Otherwise you need to measure it.

The circumference of a circle with radius of 7 km is 44.0 km (to the nearest tenth), and the area of a circle with radius of 7 km is 153.9 km (to the nearest tenth).C = 2 pi RA = pi R2

Radius is the distance from the centre of a circle to the outside The circumference of a circle is the distance round the outside of a circle

Circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter Circumference = 21.67698931 or 21.7 meters to the nearest tenth

If the circumference of a circle is 7 cm, the radius is 1.114085 cm, which rounds to 1.1 cm

You take the radius (or diameter). If radius you times it by two (since it is half of the Diameter) then times the answer by 3.14. If diameter, times the diameter by 3.14. then round the decimals.

Circle is geometrical figure it is made by using compass box and round is shape of circle there is no need of compass box to made up round

1.27 units 8/pi = 2.5464 2.5464 / 2 (you divide by two because the 2.5464 is the diameter of the circle. two radius = one diameter) = 1.273 round. 1.27

Round this number to the nearest hundredth 0.3636 ? Round this number to the nearest hundredth 0.3636 ?

If 34 inches is the radius or diameter of the circle, (or circumference?), it needs to be stated in the question! What is meant by "round circle?"

This question might have been a lot easier to read of 'pi' hadn't disappeared each time. The way I read it, it says:Radius = 5Area = pi R2Use 3.14 for piRound the answer to the nearest whole number.Area = (3.14) x (5)2 = (3.14 x 25) = 78.5Most rounding algorithms round 78.5 to 79

Volume of sphere: 4/3*pi*8^3 = 2145 cubic mm to the nearest whole number

Typical answer from The WikiAnswers Community: IT IS WRONG!The diameter is the distance across the circle, through its centre. It is double the radius, not the other way round!

How do u round 57.3 to the nearest whole number

The diameter of a circle (also known as its circumference) can be found by the formula c=2πr, where r is the radius and π is the constant pi, commonly approximated to 3.14.To round this to the nearest unit, look at the tenths place.If this is...greater than or equal to 5, then round up (take out the decimal and add 1 to the whole numberless than 5, then round down (just remove the decimal places)

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