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What is the atomic structure of rubbing alcohol?

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C2H6O (2 carbon, 6 hydrogen, and an oxygen)or as scientists say : C2H5OH (2 carbon, 5 hydrogen, and a hydroxide ( oxygen and a hydrogen).

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Does rubbing alcohol have acetone in it?

No, rubbing alcohol has oil and isopropyl alcohol in it.

Why is rubbing alcohol highly soluble in water?

Water is a polar solvent, and alcohol includes a polar component in its molecular structure.

What do you get when you mix rubbing alcohol and water?

Basically you get weaker rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is already a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.

Can you drink rubbing alcohol as an internal disinfectant?

Do NOT Drink Rubbing Alcohol It can cause blindness. Rubbing alcohol is "isopropyl" alcohol, not the same chemical as grain alcohol, ("ethyl" alcohol). Don't drink it! Rubbing alcohol is POISONOUS to drink!

What is rubbing alcohol made out of?

It is a mixture of denatured alcohol, water and agents added to make the alcohol unpalatable to drink and sometimes colorants. There are two common types of rubbing alcohol, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and Ethyl Alcohol Rubbing Alcohol.

Is rubbing alcohol inflammable?

No, rubbing alcohol is very flammable.

Does water or rubbing alcohol dissolve the fastest?

rubbing alcohol.

Is rubbing alcohol an example of suspension?

No. Rubbing alcohol is a solution.

Is there methanol in rubbing alcohol?

No, rubbing alcohol is 2-propanol.

Can you boil rubbing alcohol?

Yes, rubbing alcohol boil.

Is Rubbing alcohol polar?

Yes, rubbing alcohol is polar because all alcohol is polar. :) Yes, rubbing alcohol is polar because all alcohol is polar. :)

Is rubbing alcohol the same as Isopropyl alcohol?

Yes, rubbing alcohol is a common name for isopropyl alcohol.

Can you use isopropyl alcohol for rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol are not the same thing. For most uses, yes you can. This is because: • Rubbing alcohol may contain either isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. • Rubbing alcohol is a mixture of compounds (type of denatured alcohol) whereas isopropyl alcohol is not.

Is Benzyl Alcohol the same as rubbing alcohol?

No, Benzyl alcohol is C6H5CH2OH, rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol is (CH3)2CHOH

Is rubbing alcohol Flammable?

Rubbing alcohol is a volatile and flammable liquid

Is rubbing alcohol homogeneous mixture?

Rubbing alcohol is a homogeneous mixture.

Is rubbing alcohol safe for the environment?

rubbing alcohol is safe for the environment

Is rubbing alcohol a gas liquid or a solid?

Rubbing alcohol is a liquid.

How is Rubbing alcohol bad for cat if licked?

Rubbing alcohol is poisonous.

Will rubbing alcohol kill parasites?

Will rubbing alcohol kill parasites?

Is rubbing alcohol soluble in water?

Rubbing alcohol is soluble in water.

what is rubbing alcohol homogenous or heterogenous?


Is rubbing alcohol a compound an element or mixture?

Rubbing alcohol is a mixture.

What is the state of rubbing alcohol at room temperature?

Rubbing alcohol is a liquid

What is the chemical name for rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is called 2-propanol or isopropyl alcohol.

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