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What is the availability of crude oil?

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Crude Oil is hydrocarbon and it is mixture of carbon and hydrogen.

Polymers are not made into crude oil. Crude oil is made into polymers.

Crude oil is a mixture

What other thing you can do with crude oil.

crude oil consists of thick oil

Yup!    Crude Oil -> Crude Oil Vapour --> Diesel Oil --> Ethene --> Poly(ethene)

Crude oil mixed with condensate and NGL

Zero. A barrel or crude oil contains... crude oil.

yes crude oil is a colloid!

crude oil is a mixture of compounds.

Yes, but they make it into gasoline first. Crude oil is not the oil you put in the crankcase. That is oil that is refined from crude oil and then additives are added.

boiling point of crude oil is depending on the main component in the crude oil itself, heavy crude for example has a higher boiling point from light crude.

Crude oil is not "made". "Crude oil" is the name giving to the raw form of oil that is pumped from the ground.

The properties of Brent Crude oil are the same properties of any crude oil, density, viscosity, and solubility. Although Brent is LCO (light crude oil).

Crude oil is crude oil, there is no such thing as gas oil. Gasoline is refined from crude oil. 1 barrel of Benchmark crude oil for May delivery is currently $48.20 as of 3/31/09.

Yes it is made of crude oil :).

Crude Oil is refined into gasoline.

plastic is made from crude oil.

you don't make crude oil. Crude oil is natural oil after it has been sucked up from the earth, before it has been processed

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