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If Taken Care Of These Engines Will Give You Over 200,000 Miles.

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What is the engine life expectancy of a Buick Century?

1997 buick life

What is the average mileage life of 5.7l hemi?

I have seen many with 400,000 miles and still going. Long life average is impossible to average or tell as the engine life beyond the first 100,000 is 100% based on driver habits and how the maintenance is done.

What is the average mileage life of a vehicle engine for each of the major manufacturers?

About 30,000 to 45,000 miles for an average mileage life of a vehicle engine for each of the major manufacturers. Some numbers may differ if you are harsh to your cars, you gun the motor, squal out and such is bad. Your car is to get you from point A to point B and any other place you wish to go.

Does using high mileage oil in a Buick equipped with oil life system hurt?

No, you can and should use high mileage oil if the vehicle has over 100,000 on the ODO.

What is the mileage engine life of a 2006 Mitsubishi lancer es?

depends on how you treat it.

Does a 2004 Buick 3.8l engine have a timing belt or timing chain?

It has a timing chain that should last the life of the engine.

What mileage should timing chain be changed 2005 Jeep Cherokee?

There is not set mileage to change the chain. It should last the life of the engine.

At what mileage should you replace timing chain of Mazda 3 2004?

The timing chain has no set date or mileage for replacment. It will normally last the life of the engine.

Will it improve performance much if you were to replace a bad knock sensor will it shorten your engine life?

a knock sensor will retard or advance ignition spark, improving gas mileage and will not shorten engine life , if any thing it will extend engine life.

What is the average life span in miles for Buick Regal?

My 1995 Buick Regal Transmission just went out at 249,000, but everything else still works.

What is the average mileage life expectancy that can be expected for the life of a Lincoln Navigator?

I just got one with over 270,000 miles

What mileage do you replace timing chain on SL500 Benz?

The timing chain is designed to last the life of the engine.

What is the maximum mileage a Buick Century can go in its lifetime?

The total mileage a car can last is completely up to the driver. With routine maintenance, oil changes, and check-ups, you will get much more life out of your vehicle. If it is not cared for, it will not run as long.

What is the average mileage on a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

average current is between 40 and 70 thousand. average life expectantcy is around 175,000

What mileage do you have to change the timing chane on a 2000 altima?

You don't. The chain is designed to last the life of the engine and is normally replace during a complete engine rebuild.

What mileage to replace timing chain 2006 ford focus?

The timing chain needs no maintenance. It is designed to last the life of the engine and is replace when the engine is rebuilt.

What is the average life expectancy in mileage of a Honda Accord?

I had a 1988 that went 235K miles on the same engine and then I sold it--still running well. I did keep oil changes up to date and most of these miles were not freeway miles.

Does a 1992 Buick Park Avevue have a timing belt or chain?

Assuming a 3800 (3.8L) engine, it has a timing chain which, with a little luck should last the life of the car/engine.

What is Average engine life span of a Mercedes Benz?

15 years

What mileage should you change the timing chain?

You don't change them unless there is a problem. Timing chains are designed to last the life of the engine and are normally replaced during an engine rebuild.

What is the life expectancy of the engine in a Ford Focus?

The average life expectancy of an engine in a Ford Focus is around 150,000 - 250,000 miles. You can extend the life expectancy of your engine by making sure you do regular maintenance and upkeep on it.

What is the average lifetime mileage of an interstate bus?

average life of an interstate bus is 300,000 miles they still run well but that is when companies change em for new ones

When your vehicle's engine is checked and maintained as recommended in it's owners manual you may expect to?

When a vehicles engine is maintained as recommended you will have a longer engine life. There will also be less repairs over time, and the fuel mileage will be higher.

What is the average engine life of a Jeep V8 HO?

At least 200,000 miles.

What is the average life span of a Lexus model GX 470 Engine?


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