What is the average age of the Indonesian population?

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Average age of dentist?

Well .. according to studies, dentists are ages range from 25-50. Many dentists become dentists after they graduate from college so are in their early 20s. They don't always start out at the top, but may be assistants or secretaries first. Older dentists seem to retire from dentistry around the age ( Full Answer )

What is the average age of gang members?

The early adolescent years (11-14 years of age) are a crucial time when youths are exposed to gangs and may consider joining a gang. The average age of gang members is from 14 to 21 years of age. Gang members, however, can be as young as 8 years old or as old as into their mid 30's.

What is aging population?

Aging population is the people who have been living for the past 85 or more years. Life expectancy in the US has increased from 45 in 1902 to ...These policies will make an ageing population more manageable andso ... those with low income paid jobs are more likely to have tokeep working.

Average kissing age?

The average kissing age is usually 13-15, those are the years you will typically have your first kiss the most average kissing age ever is 15 in my studies because you typically find more people to have your first kiss with.

What is the average death age of humans?

If a person does not fall, get hit by a car, or get serious illness, then the average area is 60s-90s. Some who are very fortunate stay alive when they are in their hundreds. One of my relatives were alive until they were 125.

What is the average age of dying?

most people die over the age of 50 or if they have an illness they might die under the age of 50 but the average of dying is 50 to how ever old you get

Average age of death in US?

The average age of death in the United States for men is 76. Theaverage age of death for women in the United States is 81.

Average age in the NBA?

The average age of a player in the NBA is 26 as of data collectedfrom 2013. The average weight is 221 pounds.

Average age of death in 1910?

The average life expectancy in 1910 for females was 51.8 years old.The average life expectancy for men in 1910 was 48.4 years old.

What is the average voting age?

The average voting age is 18 year of age. Some places have otherrules where a person must be older than 18 years of age though.

Average age for onset of parkinsons?

Age Of Onset Parkinson's Disease: . Symptoms of Parkinson's disease may appear at any age, but the average age of onset is 60. It is rare in people younger than 30 and risk increases with age. It is estimated that 5% to 10% of patients experience symptoms before the age of 40.

What is the average age of Donkey?

Hi, I just read the English website Donkey Sanctuary. They say the average is 28, but their average is 34. I have a donkey who is 37-41. The worlds oldest donkey was 62.

What is Indonesian?

Indonesian can refer either to the Austronesian Language spoken in Indonesia and closely related to Malay and more distantly related to Tagalog and indigenous Taiwanese Languages, or to any holder of citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia.

What is population aging?

Population aging is estimating the number of persons of a certainage that are living in a certain area. For example, the people thatwere born just after World War II are now in there late 60's andearly 70's.

What Indonesian island is most densely populated?

The island of Java is the most populated and the most densely populated island of Indonesia. The most dense province in Java is the Jakarta special capital region (DKI Jakarta), the capital city & province of Indonesia.

What is the average age to have a child?

It depends on your area. For example, in California the average age is around 22. In some parts of the world the average could be 28, 19, or even in the 30s.

What is average height of 14 age?

It depends on the gender of the 14 year old, and how tall everyone else in the family is. There's no one height kids at 14 should be. I am average height for a thirteen and a half year old girl, and am 5'2". So I would have to say just a little taller then me.

What is the average age that a rat will live?

The average lifespan of a pet rat ... (The large testicles of a male rat should be apparent by the age of three weeks. A rat will usually live two to five years in captivity (as a pet). In my experience, three years is about average. Males tend to live slightly longer than female ( Full Answer )

What was the average age of a bishop in the Middle Ages?

We really cannot know the answer to this. There were many bishops, and for most of them we only have information on the dates they were consecrated and the dates they died. Of the first ten Archbishops of Canterbury, we have only one whose birth was estimated, and it was given as "probably the fir ( Full Answer )

What is the average age for police officers?

I admittedly have NO statistics at hand on which to rely however my first-hand anecdotal observations lead me to conclude that a good "ballpark estmate" would bring it in at about the mid-30's.

What is the average age of a tennis player?

Well here is the Top50: . Rank. Name. DOB. 23/09/10. 1. Nadal. 03/06/86. 24.31. 2. Federer. 08/08/81. 29.13. 3. Djkovic. 22/05/87. 23.34. 4. Murray. 15/05/87. 23.36. 5. Soderling. 14/08/84. 26.11. 6. Davydenko. 02/06/81. 29.31. 7. Berdych. 17/09/85. 25.02. 8. Ver ( Full Answer )

What is the average age of the Chelsea squad?

as of february 1 2011 the average age is 22.99 while rob boyce sits next to his computer masturbating to gay porn oh yeah did i mention he has 2 gb of it on his iPod touch.

What is the average age at which teens lesbian?

I have never seen the verb "to lesbian" but I think i know what you mean. Very young children do not know they are straight if you know what i mean. A girl would realize she likes girls at the same time when another girl the same age would realize she likes boys. This time is usually in puberty but ( Full Answer )

What is the average age of a giant clam?

the average life of a giant clam is about 2,000 years. you might think I'm kidding, i know that answers.com is not the most reliable place in the world. but that's true. i did a research project on those for school once. they live 2,000 years.

What is the average age of a flower girl?

A flower girl is usually from 5 to 12. Younger than 5 and they wouldn't know how to act, and older than 12 should be a junior bridesmaid.

What is the average retirement age of a chef?

45 . This is not meant to be durogatory, in any way, towards theposter who said 45, just my POV from the kitchen: . I am just a couple of months shy of 45. I have been working inthe hospitality industry since I was 16. I have been a certifiedchef for 15+yrs, and I don't see retirement anywhere in ( Full Answer )

What is the average retirement age for teachers?

I retired from the state of Louisiana (TRSL) with twenty years of teaching in May of 2005 at the age of forty-six. I receive a life long pension of $1,404.00 and if I should die it would go to my wife until she dies. I also receive retiree health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana wi ( Full Answer )

When is the average age of getting your period?

Well I am 11 1/2 and I have developed a lot! But I am a big a athlete I'm not sure when I'll get mine, so it's ussually around 13. After 2 years of develope in your breasts and 6 months to a year of discharge( that guie stuff)

What is the average age of US congressman?

The average age of a senator is 60 (the oldest ever) and the average age of a member of the House is 55 (the oldest in more than a century).

What is the average age when a cat dies?

Of course, like any animal, it really depends. If a cat has exercise, eats the proper amount for its weight, is free from diseases and doesn't get involved in life threatening accidents, we can expect it to live for about 15-20 years. Some, of course, get sick or have an un-healthy lifestyle, causin ( Full Answer )

What is the average age of a buffalo?

Wild bison usually live up to 25 or 30 years but captive ones often have health problems which stunts their expectancy. I'm not sure if that was what you were asking for but i hope it helped :)

What was the average age of Holocaust victim?

There is no such thing as "average age of Holocaust victim". People of all ages were killed equally, though it is true that elders and children, who could not work, were often murdered at once, while young and middle-aged people were forced to work and subsequently died from starvation, exhaustion, ( Full Answer )

What is the average age of when you get your first kiss?

Although there have been no official studies on the average age of someone's first kiss, it usually happens in your pre-teen or teenage years. The Mirror reported in 2007 that 15 is the average age for Brits to have their first kiss.

What is average age of the CHICAGO bulls?

Currently 27.2 years old, with Kurt Thomas the oldest on the team and in the NBA and Derrick Rose the youngest on the team and to receive the season MVP award.

What is the average age of under age driving?

Usually kids begin to drive at about fourteen or fifteen. sometimes younger but in most cases or at least mine and many of my friends, parents have begun to enable you to drive with them at about 14 to prepare you for when it is legal to take a drivers test. in some states you can begin driving at 1 ( Full Answer )

How did Islam come to the native Indonesian population?

Initially, in the late 1200s and 1300s, Islamic merchants fromArabia and East Africa had interactions with Indonesian merchants,especially in the Banda Aceh region of northern Sumatra. Thesecontacts resulted in willful and free religious conversions by manyAcehnese to Islam. In the following centuri ( Full Answer )